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051 - Kastori Special DVD

Character: Mamoru Itsuki
Time: 03:00
Place: Y. Amusement Park / Rear Gate
Required: Inspect the end of the stairs

An exclusive DVD, no. 444, featuring unauthorised footage from Yamijima Island, the mystery island that's been closed to the public!

UMA Sighting!
See the Yamipikaria Cat, the bipedal leopard with the razor-sharp claws stare out from the dark with glowing eyes!

Video Transcript:

Yamijima Island
- The Cursed Underground Trench -

Voice: The following astonishing footage was provided by one of our viewers. A few kids out on a dare… on an abandoned, forbidden island. Here, the camera clearly catches a frightful set of eyes watching them. Did you see it? (Text: Did you see it? Replay) let's have another look. (Text: Slow motion replay)
Просмотров: 739 | Размеры: 512x322px/43.8Kb | Рейтинг: 0.0/0 | Дата: 09.06.2015 | SilentPyramid

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