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055 - Da Gama Magazine

Character: Soji Abe
Time: 03:00
Place: Yamijima Island / Fort Ruins #1
Required: Conversation with Shu Mikami

Da Gama Magazine, August Issue
Published: July 1, 2005

Special issue featuring Shu Mikami's "Mermaid's Tear."

(Press X to open)

An Exclusive Interview with Shu Mikami. 7 Keys to Understanding "Mermaid's Tear."

Shu Mikami, best-selling author of "Mermaid's Tear" reveals his past as he talks about the secrets of his latest novel and the message written between the lines.

My father was an archaeologist who was smitten by the island. He decided to live there with my mother, who was carrying me in her womb at the time.

After I was born, my mother passed away at sea. In that sense, "Mermaid's Tear" is almost autobiographical.

…I don't recall much about the incident. I was told that I didn't speak a word at the time I was found. Up to that point, I saw normally, just like everyone else, I think there was a lot that I lost as a result of that event.

Shu Mikami's Official Site:
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