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054 - Afternoon Prince

Character: Soji Abe
Time: 03:00
Place: Yamijima Island / Fort Ruins #1
Required: Conversation with Shu Mikami

The Lunch Hour Show!
The Afternoon Prince

Romance novels are big!

Video Transcript:

Heart: No matter where or when romance novels continue to capture the hearts of maidens.
Text: Romance novels are big!
Heart: For these ladies, a new love story is always a welcome read! And what exactly is the romance novel of their choice? Mermaid's Tear by Shu Mikami! We'll take a look at the world of Shu Mikami, modern missionary of romance!
Text: Suzuka's street interview in Omotesandoh!
Suzuka: Hi everybody! This is Suzuka coming at you live!
Text: street interview on Shu Mikami!
Suzuka: Hello! Do you recognize the gentleman in this picture?
Girl 1: Shu Mikami?! Of course I do. I'm his biggest fan! I have all his books!
Suzuka: Well, Shu is in the studio right now. Do you have anything you'd like to say to him?
Girl 2: I loved "Mermaid's Tear"! I couldn't stop crying!
Girl 1: I've been your fan forever! Love you, Shu!
Suzuka: Looks like the Novel's not the only thing that's popular out here.
Back to the studio!
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