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053 - Yorito's I.D.

Character: Yorito Nagai
Time: 03:00
Place: Yamijima Island / Uryuga Forest
Required: Break off with Takeaki Misawa

This is to certify that the individual mentioned below is an officer of the Ground Self-Defence Force.
Chief of Staff Ground Self-Defence Force

Rank: Leading Private
Name Yorito Nagai

(Press X to see letter)

Dear Yorito,

Congratulations on our promotion. Your father and I were so worried that you might give up and come back home.

We're so proud of you!

Did I tell you that I was learning how to use the… what do you call it, "internet?" Like you, I'm not going to give up until I've mastered it!

By the way, I sent a package of Mulukhiya to your quarters. Please share it with your friend, Sgt. Okita, and give him our best regards.
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