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048 - Shikai News

Character: Yorito Nagai
Time: 02:00
Place: Bright Win / Third-Class Cabin 1F
Required: Inspect Underneath the TV

Shikai News
July 31, 1975 Evening Edition
Yamijima Island: Closed School Burns Down!
Arson Suspect Arrested!

On July 31st, Yamijima Grade/Middle School building was burned to the ground. Masumi Ushiro, 28, unemployed, no fixed address, was arrested on suspicion of arson by the Prefectural police.

The suspect arrived on the island on the previous day. After gaining illegal entry to the premises of the abandoned school building, he allegedly set fire to some old curtains, resulting in a blaze that destroyed the building.

During questioning, the suspect stated that while sleeping in one of the classrooms, he was assaulted by "a dark crimson creature" and that he threw his lighter at the creature to ward it off. While the investigation continues, police are considering the possibility of holding the suspect for psychiatric observation.
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