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047 - Passenger's Videotape

Character: Yorito Nagai
Time: 02:00
Place: Bright Win / Entrance
Required: Inspect reception area's shelves

A videotape recorded by a passenger on the ferry.

Keiichi & Tomoko's Memories

Video Transcript:

Keiichi: It's nice to see that the weather's improved.
Tomoko: But with the cold wind, it's still a bit chilly.
Keiichi: Yeah, you're right. It looks like the ferry stopped…
Tomoko: I wonder what's going on?
Keiichi: I didn't hear any announcement, did you?
Tomoko: The other passenger's seem exited about something.
Keiichi: Really? What? Let's go take a look.
Ship staff: Please, everybody stay back! Over here! Keep those people away!
Will everybody keep back, please.
Keiichi: Hey….? Is that a body?
Ship Staff: I'm sorry… No cameras!
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