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043 - Tomoe's Dairy

Character: Tomoe Ohta
Time: 01:00
Place: Yamijima Island / Aonoku Settl.
Required: The death of Tomoe Ohta

Dairy kept by Tomoe Ohta.

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August 1
When I took my father his eye medicine this evening, I saw him staring at the ocean with a frown on his face. I just know he was thinking about that witch. That creature! She may try, but she can't fool us. She may look like one of us, but she fears the sunlight. That witch isn't one of us!

August 2
Father finally came to a decision. As the head of our family, it's up to him to do what must be done.

I gave the maids a day off this morning just in case. Three years ago, some outsiders unknowingly entered the confinement area and left it in ruins. They have no idea how much harm they've caused.

I will stand by my father's side. For I am an Ohta, and it is our family's duty to protect this island.
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