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041 - Riko's Record

Character: Ichiko Yagura
Time: 01:00
Place: Bright Win / Wheelhouse
Required: Inspect the office desk

Riko Azuma: Where is she now?
Riko was the younger sister of Eri Azuma, the legendary princess of pop who met with a fatal accident while on her way to the Top Pop Music Awards ceremony.

Following in her late sister's footsteps, Riko debuted with her sensational single, "For the Love of Mendoza."

She followed that with several record-breaking hits that paved her way to a U.S. debut which would have led to a world-class stardom. However, she shocked her fans when she announced her marriage and subsequent retirement.

Riko's fans were even more surprised to learn that her husband was the driver of the car that had run over her sister, Eri. Apparently, the two grew close when her husband repeatedly visisted the Azuma home to apologise for the loss and grief that he had caused.

Right now, Riko is the proud mother of one, and spends most of her days either nursing her baby or training on the dance floor.

Riko is best remembered for her vocal masterpiece, "Azteca Queen", which held the number one slot for 13 consecutive weeks.

Audio Transcript:

…feel the divine breath now in my soul… In the age of the sun, two… are… killing… …killing… each… other… dying… dying… Close your eyes… lost to a… ki-lling… kill… k-illin-g… ki-lli-n-g…
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