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037 - Robo Zoo

Character: Akiko Kiyota
Time: 00:00
Place: Gold Mining Co. Housing / A-203
Required: Inspect the closet

Sushibon Toy Company's "Robo Zoo" line followed in the wake of the unsuccessful launch of its "Robo Beast" toy, a product that placed Sushibon on the brink of bankruptcy.

In a desperate effort to revive the company's failing business, Sushibon set its sights on the ever-growing popularity of panda bears among kids.

Keeping production cost at a minimum Sushibon "re-equipped" the Robo Beast with a new panda head, and programmed the voice synthesis gimmick with the voice of a panda.

Convinced that they had a winning combination, Sushibon launched a massive sales campaign, pouring the bulk of the company's advertising budget into television adverts. Unfortunately, children's interests shifted away from panda bears, pushing the company over the brink into bankruptcy.
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