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032 - Police Notebook

Character: Mamoru Itsuki
Time: 00:00
Place: Y. Gold Dredge / Incline Ctrl. Rm.
Required: Check the floor near the window

Police Officer's Notebook

Rank: Police Sergeant
Name: Shigeru Fujita

(Open book)

1951 - Left Yamijima Island alone. Mother passed away the following year.
1970 - Yamijima harbour shut down. Father passes away the same year. Never returned to Yamijima Island since then.
1975 - Yamijima Grade/Middle School burned down.
1976- Massive power outage due to severed undersea cable. Mass disappearance of Yamijima Island residents. For reasons of safety, Yamijima Island closed off to visitors.
1986 - Rumour among the fishermen that a young woman was spotted on the island.

…Rumour needs to be investigated.
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