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028 - Employee's Journal

Character: Kanae
Time: -01:00
Place: Yamijima Harbour / Gd Mining Company Co. 2F
Required: Inspect the desk

A journal that was kept by an employee of Yamijima Gold Mining Co., Ltd.

(Open with X)

May 27, 1970 Entry by: Ikeda
Remove every last sign put up by the anti-development group, and issued a strict warning to their representative, Tsuneo Ohta.

May 29, 1970 Entry by: Ikeda
Rumours of a wildcat that walks on two legs are spreading among the staff. All this pressure from the anti-development group may be taking its toll, resulting in overactive imaginations among the members of the staff.

May 30, 1970 Entry by: Ikeda
An inspection team from the head office arrived today. Apparently, they're here to study the recent decline in mining volume.

June 4, 1970 Entry by: Ikeda
Due to the significant decline of the mine's output, the head office has finally decided to shut down operations. Preparations are underway to close the Yamijima Harbour facility. The last transport ship will be departing today.

We're going home! The whole family is very happy to go back. No matter how many buildings and recreational facilities they build, it will never be enough. I'm happy to say that I can finally kiss this weird island goodbye!
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