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023 - Shu's cassette

Character: Shu Mikami
Time: -02:00
Place: Aonoku Settl. / Mikami's House, 2F
Required: Inspect the bookshelf

A cassette tape containing voices of the Mikami family recorded 29 years ago.

Audio Transcript:

Ryuhei: Shu! I told you not to play with that!
Shu: Kanae, sing me that song, please? I want to hear it!
*Kanae laughs*
Ryuhei: hey, Shu!
Kanae: Dance, Maiden, Dance… Wave the crown upon thy head…
*Ryuhei running*
Ryuhei: …That song… Would you sing it one more time?
Shu: Daddy! You ruined it! Kanae won't sing for me!
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