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020 - Helicopter Transmitter

Character: Yorito Nagai
Time: -02:00
Place: Yamijima Island / cape Hidaru
Required: Crash landing on Yamijima island

Onboard Transmitter JARC-S40

Wireless transmitter installed in Ground Self-Defence Force aircraft.

Used for surface-to-air communications between aircraft and base, as well as air-to-air communications with other aircraft.

Audio Transcript:

This fog… The clouds… I don't like the looks of this… I can't raise anybody on the other end… we are off-course… No land in sight… verifying current position… Where are we? …Got no idea… We have a situation, sir. How would you like to handle it? This is an emergency. We'll just have to land wherever we can… I've got no communication… nothing at all… I… Land! There's land up ahead! I'm taking us down! Prepare for emergency landing… Wait! You can't… *prolonged scream and then just the silent sound of the radar*
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