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017 - Mermaid Princess Story

Character: Shu Mikami
Time: -03:00
Place: Aonoku Settl. / Mikami's House 2F
Required: Inspect the Bedside area

A fairy tale masterpiece that tells the story of a mermaid princess's tragic love.

A mermaid princess falls in love with a human prince. Making a pact with a sea witch, she is changed into human form in exchange for her beautiful voice. But the deal came with a price. For should she fail to win the heart of her true love, she would be cursed and doomed to die. Without her voice to profess her love to the prince, the princess grew desperate as the prince promised to wed the queen of a neighbouring kingdom. Told by the witch that the only way to lift her curse was to kill the prince on the eve of his wedding, the princess was faced with a distressing decision. On the morn of her prince's wedding day, the mermaid princess returned to the sea, fading in a burst of shimmering bubbles…

(Opened book)

When the mermaid princess awakens, she finds that her fishtail is gone, replaced by two legs. And staring into her lovely eyes is her on true love, the prince. The prince softly whispers, "What a beautiful maiden."

For the prince, it was love at first sight.
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