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019 - Robo Beast

Character: Shu Mikami
Time: -03:00
Place: Aonoku Settl. / Mikami's House 1F
Required: Inspect the closet

Sushibon Toy Company's "Robo Beast," the first in a line of super-combo toys. Unable to cope with the diversifying preferences of kids, Sushibon Toy was faced with plummeting business results.

In a last-ditch effort to save its failing business, Sushibon developed a new line of toys, melding "robot" with "beast," a combination believed to be highly popular among young boys. Employing the latest technology of that day and age, the company equipped their "Robo Beast" with a voice synthesis gimmick.

Armed with this state-of-the-art product, Sushibon launched a massive sales campaign, flooding the airwaves with television adverts of their new wonder toy. Unfortunately, the product gathered dust on the shelves, an overnight relic that couldn't compete in an age where die-cast toys based on animation characters had become the norm.
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