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014 - Turtle Jelly Noodles

Character: Mamoru Itsuki
Time: -03:00
Place: Yamijima Harbour / Press. Mach. Rm.
Required: Inspect the dump

An instant noodles product released only in the Shikai region by Green Turtle Foods. The product, Turtle Jelly Noodle, featured an abundant amount of turtle jelly toppings, claimed to be a miraculous ingredient for beauty enhancement. Advertised with the slogan, "take off 10 years just with a single mouthful…", the product was slated for national release until it was plagued by a series of strange events wherein heavy consumers disappeared, mumbling words to the effect of, "I want to go back to the sea."

These incidents triggered a full recall and nearly resulted in the product's cancellation. Huge losses brought about reduced production and a tainted brand image that forced the company to reconsider the products nationwide release.

However, to this day, there are several who think highly of "the ultimate local snack." What's more, a shortage of the product has resulted in a heated shopping frenzy among beauty-conscious housewives.

The television advert featuring Naoko Mihama, the missing TV reporter during her early years as a pop idol, continues to enjoy limited airplay in certain areas.

Video Transcript:

Ad voice: A relaxing moment… spoil yourself. Collagen infinity! A turtle jelly noodle from Green Turtle Foods.
Text: A moment that's all yours… with something elegant. It makes you beautiful and healthy. 160 yen (tax included)!!
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