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009 - Shikai News

Character: Shu Mikami
Time: Unknown
Place: Unknown
Required: Unknown

Shikai News
August 3, 1976 Evening Edition
Yamijima: Isle of the Lost
Undersea Cable Cut

On the midnight of August 2, the undersea cable supplying electric power to the isolated Yamijima island was cut, resulting in an island-wide power outage.

The following morning, a repair crew of Sanzu Electric Power arrived at the island only to find it totally deserted. The crew contacted the Prefectural police whose later searches failed to discover a single inhabitant.

The police have set up a special task force to investigate the mysterious disappearances of the island residents, and are also investigating whether there might be a connection between the incident and the severed undersea cable.

A spokesperson for Sanzu Electric Power reported that the undersea cable rests at a maximum depth of 310 meters, a level that would require special equipment and a large number of trained personnel to cut the cable, indicating that the cable could not have been severed by artificial means.
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