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010 - Shikai News

Character: Unknown
Time: -05:00
Place: Y. Gold dredge
Required: Sight the Bright Win's lights

Shikai News
August 3, 1986 Morning Edition
Bright Win Lost At Sea
Ship Disappears Following Mysterious Transmission

On August 2, at approximately 4:40 P.M., coast guard headquarters intercepted a distress signal transmitted from Bright Win, a passenger ferry owned and operated by Kisho Ferry Lines.

"Caught in storm… swamped in waves… Ship running aground… the girl…" was the last message received before the ship was lost at sea.

As of yesterday morning, the Coast Guard has dispatched a patrol boat to search for the lost ferry. Their search continues.

The Coast Guard together with the local coast guard office has formed a joint task force to head the search for the lost ferry and its passengers, and to investigate the circumstances leading up to the disaster.

Video Transcript:

Kaibashira: Good evening and congratulations, Riko! Your song has leaped into the charts at # 4! Where are you right now? It's so dark. I can't see a thing. But I'm guessing you're outdoors somewhere.
Riko: Good Evening Ms. Kaibashira… Hokki…
Kaibashira: Whatever are you doing out there? You're on location, right? Shooting your TV series.
Riko: Good evening, Ms Kaibashira…
Kaibashira: How's everything going? I understand that you will be appearing in a very popular TV-drama. You've been very busy and very successful!
Riko: Good evening, Ms Kaibashira…
Kaibashira: Your sister, Eri, is watching from heaven. Smiling down at you right now!
Riko: Good evening, Ms Kaibashira… *Azteca Queen starts playing in background*
Kaibashira: And now, will you do the song for us…
Riko: Good evening, Ms Kaibashira…
Kaibashira: Now, this week # 4 hit…
Riko: Good Evening. Good evening, Ms Kaibashira…
Kaibashira: Good evening, and here's Riko Azuma with this weeks # 4 hit, Azteca Queen!

Text: Breaking News. Today at around 6:10 P.M., a survivor of Bright Win was found off the coast of Yamijima. The only survivor is a female student. Further details are not available.
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