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006 - Voice Recorder

Character: Mamoru Itsuki
Time: -07:00
Place: Offshore Yamijima / Shoseimaru
Required: Investigate routes to Yamijima

An audio recording advice used in journalistic activities.

Audio Transcript:

Mamoru: The time is 3:17 P.M. I'm checking to see if passing is available for Yamijima. *click* Look… Are you sure you can't?
Sailor: Wha…? Are you still here? Take a hike!
Mamoru: Please!
Sailor: Show me about this much money and I just might think about it! Now, get out of here!
*Dog pounding Mamoru*
Mamoru: Whoa!
Shu: Are you okay?
Mamoru: Yeah… *helicopter passing overhead* Thanks. Ow…
Shu: Is this the boat to Yamijima island?
Mamoru: Yes. But no luck so far. This isn't going to be as easy as I thought… *Shu walking* Wait a sec? Hm… Was that Shu Mikami? *click* The time is 4:02 P.M., I'm currently in the cabin of the Shosei-maru and… Hm?
Akiko: Please! Wait!
Sailor: Hey! What do you think you're doing?! Ikuko, stop them!
Akiko: This boat is going to Yamijima island, right? Please… Please…
Soji: Come on, man!
Sailor: get out of here or I'll call the police!
Soji: Come on, let me get on the boat! I am begging you!
Shu: Let them aboard… I'm in a hurry…
Sailor: Right! Ikuko! You heard the gentleman, let's take her out!
Akiko: Yes!
*Boat leaving*
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