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002 - Ryuko's Dairy

Character: Yuri kishida
Time: -31:00
Place: Tokyo / Kawai Apartment, Room 203
Required: Murder of Ryuko Tagawa

July 28th (Thursday)
A year has passed since I awakened from my long sleep. I spend everyday like this surrounded by caring people. Soji and the people at the restaurant accept me as I am. I sincerely hope that all can be forgotten, and that I can continue with this life that I lead now.

July 29th (Friday)
Sometimes I feel pain, like I'm being ripped apart. It's at times like this that my memory comes back in bits and pieces. I shouldn't really be here. I think that my mother hates the fact that I'm living here like this.

July 30th (Saturday)
Akiko called today, but Soji hung up the phone. He really seems to detest her. Soji thinks I've been discussing things with her. I want her to always be the same. I'm sure that for happiness, a deep sleep is preferable to being awake.

July 31th (Sunday)
A vague uneasy feeling. The other me is...
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