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003 - News Paradox

Character: Akiko Kiyota
Time: -29:00
Place: Tokyo / Yumemi Salon
Required: Listen to the news

News Paradox
The news program that separates fact from fiction.

Video Transcript:

News reader: Moving on to the next news. A woman's body was found in an apartment, it appears to be Ryuko Tagawa, a waitress. We have a reporter at the site.
Reporter: A woman was found in her APT, having been beaten to death with a blunt object. The police issued a warrant for Soji Abe, the prime suspect in this murder case. Neighbours say that the woman and Abe had been heard quarrelling several times. They also heard it on the night before the murder. The suspect is most likely still at large in the area and the police are searching for him now.
News reader: Moving on to the local news

Text during clip: Shinjuku, Tokyo. Woman's body found in apartment / Ryuko Tagawa (18) /Shinjuku, Tokyo. Reporter: Meiner Matsuda / Soji Abe (24) Unemployed / After 44-year hiatus the Holy Hairy Chest Festival is held again.
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