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Siren 2 Maniacs: Archives 63 - 69

[No.063] Yamijima Amusement Park Pamphlet

A pamphlet from Yamijima Amusement Park, which opened in 1965 as an amusement facility catering to employees at the Yamijima gold mine and their families. The park was only in use for five or six years before the mine was closed down, but it shows that once upon a time it was rather a sight to behold. By comparing the map on the pamphlet with the illustration of the forbidden area seen in archive [No.050] Page from Yamijima History Book, you can see that the location upon which the ferris wheel currently stands was formerly a place with special meaning.

[No.064] Mbembe Cola Bottle Cap

"Mbembe Cola" is a soft drink with the catchprase "a refreshing new sensation like a direct blow to the head!" The bottle cap lottery that was run as part of a tie-up campaign with the sci-fi movie "Space Cold War" as mentioned in archive No.065 would give a special figure to those who had a winning cap. These kinds of campaigns using bottle caps were held in the 70s, giving things a taste of nostalgia. Also, "Mokele-mbembe" is the name of a UMA resembling a dinosaur that is said to live in a lake in central Africa.

[No.065] Space Cold War Campaign Poster

The sci-fi film "Space Cold War", released in 1972, was a film that avoided any kind of fight scenes, oddly resolved by political measures. It broke records for poor attendance and stopped showing after four days, but was also known for its unprecedented tie-up campaign with Mbembe Cola to give special presents to 1,000,000 people. The present, a talking figure of a robot called Keetabep #4 with a gold and white body, bears a close resemblance to the two robots featured in a certain other huge sci-fi movie, but in actuality it is the evil Galactic Governer Metango himself.

[No.066] Yamijima History Book

A book compiling the history of Yamijima. It denotes the name's origin and the prosperous gold mine, but some of the pages have been torn out and cannot be viewed. These lost pages are actually archive [No.050] Page from Yamijima History Book. Since numbers have been written in to indicate the locations of the seven gates, it appears to have been hidden.

[No.067] Elementary Students' Exchange Diary

The exchange diary of two female fourth-year students at Yamijima Elementary. From its content, you can see that "Kumiko" is an outsider whos father is employed at the mine, and "Yukiko" is a girl from the island. It mentions such things as the legend of the Mekkoju and the existence of "bad things" that will possess corpses that have not been treated with the Mekkoju, but as an outsider these kinds of stories are unimaginable for Kumiko; as a pure-bred local girl, however, Yukiko accepts them as reality. Also, Kumiko - believing that she and her family will be leaving Yamijima with the closing of the mine - writes in the diary "I'll send you a letter from the mainland, okay?" but what did she think when she saw the news of the mass disappearances on the island that occurred in 1976?

[No.068] Ikuko Kifune's Graduation Album

The graduation album of Ikuko Kifune, who graduated from Sanzu Prefectural High School in the spring of 2005. The sight of her standing apart from her classmates as they enjoy themselves leaves quite an impression. Due to the birthmark on her chest and her strange ability to read other people's minds (the mark of a dove) she was shunned by those around her, and must have led a tough school life. After graduation she made up her mind to break ties with other people, getting a part-time job at a fishing port unfitting of a young woman.

[No.069] Photo of Soji Abe & Ryuko Tagawa

A photo of Soji Abe and Ryuko Tagawa, who were living together in an apartment at Kawai Apartments in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Abe's carefree smile and Ryuko's vaguely gloomy expression are contrasting, but this is due to the heavy burden of a dove's fate that Ryuko bears, and in actuality she lived a poor but happy life with Abe. This is also made clear in the contents of archive [No.002] Ryuko Tagawa's Diary. The item itself changes into "Photo of Soji Abe" after the archive file [No.100] Portable Audio Player is obtained, showing Abe by himself. Naturally, this is because he ends up in a world in which he and Ryuko never met due to the collapse of the laws of cause and effect. Though no longer being pursued by the police on suspicion of Ryuko's murder, Abe has in exchange lost the reality of having once met her and enjoyed a happy life with her. Since he retains his memories even after his experiences on Yamijima are over, his fate is an extremely cruel one.

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