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067 - Student's Picture Dairy

Character: Ichiko Yagura
Time: 08:00
Place: Shiofurihama / School
Required: Inspect the incinerator

The charred remains of a picture dairy.

Yamijima Grade School, 4th Grade
Kumiko – Yukiko

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June 3

Yesterday was the funeral for our next-door neighbour. Did you know that they stab sticks into dead bodies? Everyone on the island has a stick with their name on it for their own funerals. I asked my dad why and he said that if they don't do that, then their spirit can't go to heaven and that something evil will enter their empty bodies.

June 4

So, id you don't have a stick, you turn into an evil spirit? I don't have a stick so that's kind of scary. But I guess I won't have to worry because I'm leaving the island pretty soon.

I heard my mom and dad talking and they said that there's no more gold here so our family is going back to the mainland. It looks like all the other kids are going back as well. I'm going to miss you Yuki, but I'll write you from the mainland!
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