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066 - Yamijima History Book

Character: Ichiko Yagura
Time: 08:00
Place: School / Stage Storeroom
Required: Inspect the hand cart

A Study of Yamijima Island Folklore/Culture/History
The Yamijima Resaerch Group
Spring 1963

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The History of Yamijima Island

There are a number of theories regarding the origin of the island's name, Yamijima. The island is also known as the "Isle of hate," the "Island of the Dead," and the "Island of the Dark." Given the isolationist nature of the island's residents, either of the names would seem appropriate in terms of context.

Over the years, the island residents have developed their own unique folklore and customs, pretty much closing the door to outsiders. However, the discovery of gold on the island has brought about a drastic change as evidenced by the recent influx of outsiders from the mainland.

(the next page is torn from the document.)
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