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061 - Letter to Shigeru

Character: Shigeru Fujita
Time: 05:00
Place: Yamijima Island / Fort Ruins #2
Required: The death of Shigeru Fujita

Dad, I understand you're being transferred somewhere close to your hometown. I wanted to let you know that Mom and I are staying right here. We won't be going with you.

I guess that won't really bother you, because "the job" always comes first, doesn't it? Work is all you ever think about. It'll never go as well as it does in the cop shows, you know. You need to get your head out of the clouds. It seems you don't belong in your workplace anymore.

Poor Mom's worrying so much and working so hard she's becoming ill…

I've decided not to go to college. Instead, I'm going to get a job so we won't have to depend on you.

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