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065 - Space Cold War Poster

Character: Ikuko Kifune
Time: 08:00
Place: Y. Amusement Park / Rear Gate
Required: Inspect the Park Map

"Space Cold War" (1972)
Produced in Japan
An Akinasu Films release

Political deadlock shakes the Space!

The Story
2 million light years from our solar system, Galactic Republic elections are being held on the planet, Bentroh. The results are close, threatening to offset the delicate political balance of the republic.

To secure a majority and gain a foothold in his plans to conquer the universe, the evil galactic governor, Metango, looked to the planet with the casting vote. A planet called Earth.

Under pretence of galactic harmony and interstellar prosperity, the governor demands the hand of Tomomillia, princess of the third planet. To counter his bold move and stall for time, the controlling factions commence fruitless negotiations at the highest administrative levels. With the republic hanging in the balance, a final bill is proposed…

About the Movie
"Space Cold War" was a tense film with a surprise twist: the governor was one of the princess's robot servants, Kitabeppu No. 4! Way ahead of its time, "Space Cold War" featured absolutely no action scenes, relying on the tension of speeches and negotiations.

Needles to say, the movie was not well-received, bombing at the box office after a brief four-day run.

Audio Transcript:

Our manifest is to conquer the universe. The dirty negotiation is second to none! I am in love with a princess in the galaxy, Tomomillia, I ill marry you. "Finally, It's time to hold elections" I am Metango, the galactic governor!
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