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Siren 2 Maniacs: Archives 70 - 74

[No. 070] Message in a Bottle

Yuri Kishida (the girl in glasses), who appears in [No.012] Poster of Missing Girl. As previously noted, after going missing on the afternoon of 10 August 2003 she was kidnapped by a dove (the Yuri Kishida from later on) released by Mother who had infiltrated the human world, and locked inside Warehouse #3 at the harbour. Learning of the intentions of the dove, who stole both her name and clothes in an attempt to become her, she writes the letter as her last hope. Sealing it inside a nearby bottle, she tossed it into the sea. The drink bottle later washes up on Yamijima, but it is the "World of Nothingness" Yamijima where Soji Abe is. Whilst drifting through the sea it is swept on the red tsunami to the "other side". Despite its bitter message - "If you find this letter, please contact the police and my family" - Yuri Kishida (glasses) is never saved.

Also, the item, created using the bottle of a particular health drink, had a small amount of drink left inside when it was photographed... The letter is damp and stained, realistic, but between the actual prop's creation and our photography, roughly two years have passed. According to the Siren 2 development team, "The lid hasn't been opened at all in that time" (archive manager Yoshiaki Yamaguchi). Words fail me in describing the rigour of taking the letter out of the now "mysterious liquid" in which it floats, then carefully opening it up with a pair of tweezers.

[No.071] Keukegen

Yamijima is home to several UMAs (Unidentified Mysterious Animals), including the Yamigame and Yamipikarya. The rarest of the lot may be the "Keukegen". The Keukegen is a Japanese creature shown in the Konjaku Hyakkji Shui, and one theory purports that it is the "Kesaran Pasaran" that was the subject of widespread discussion in the 70s. The Kesaran Pasaran appears as a round ball of fluff, and could be called either an animal or a plant. They are generally said to live in paulownia boxes, eat face powder, and appear to good people, bringing their owners good luck. However, since those living in houses with a Keukegen gradually fall ill, some oppose the theory. From its difficulty to obtain, it is comparable to the UMA "skyfish" that appears in Siren.

[No.072] Solid Gold King

A parody of suspicious-looking items that promise to bring good luck for a fee, found advertised in certain kinds of occult magazines and comics. You can actually see an advert for a "Pure Gold King" in archive [No.015] Weekly Kastori, beside the article "Yamijima, the Cursed Island". Incidentally, the line spoken by Soji Abe upon picking the item up - "Is this solid gold...?" - is a favourite joke of Eiji Nakamura, a stage actor who plays Abe. He will suddenly pick up a random item nearby and say, "Is this solid gold?" Siren 2's development team, taking a liking to the joke, worked it into Soji Abe's character.

[No.073] Yumemi Salon Divination Chart

A sheet written out by Akiko Kiyota whilst telling Ryuko Tagawa's fortune. It divines the fortune of Ryujo based on her actual birthday of 26 November 1986. In a way, it is horrifyingly accurate. [Past] "Torn in two. Hardships, suffering." represents the events that led to her living apart from Ikuko. [Present] "Awakening. Big changes. Appearance of a supporter --> a good-for-nothing guy?" Akiko Kiyota herself seems to have been unsure about whether or not the "supporter" mentioned is Soji Abe. This part may be a hint at the eventual appearance of Yuri Kishida. And [Future] "Big shift in the stars. Beware!!" Though the cataclysm that awaits Ryuko after enjoying a life of modest happiness is forecast ahead of time, it is unable to be avoided.

[No.074] Jade Bracelet

A bracelet that was worn by Noriko Kifune, a friend of Ichiko Yagura. It was bought as a matching set with Ichiko (for Ichiko's bracelet, see [No.077] Vermilion Bracelet). As in the side story "Mystery of the Bright Win", when Noriko tries to pull up Ichiko, who is about to fall from the boat, the bracelet onto which Ichiko grabs is unable to take the strain of her weight and breaks. For further details on the bracelets, see "Decoding Mystery of the Bright Win".

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