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083 - Atlantis Special Issue

Character: Mamoru Itsuki
Time: 18:00
Place: Shinari Mountain / Pylon #4
Required: Conversation with Yorito Nagai

Latest Observation Result Hints at the Existence of a Parallel Universe!

Have you ever imagined the existence of a world other then the one we live in?

The idea that there is another world beyond ours that looks pretty much the same is referred to be the term "parallel universe."

The number of these worlds are said to be equivalent to the alternative paths that were not treaded in our world.

Recently, the existanvce of a parallel universe was suggested by the latest space observation results.

Arguing the existence of a parallel universe may seem bizarre to some. However, when taking into account the relationship of time and space, and the very fact that we are here in this "reality," there is clearly a link that may reveal the very mysteries of life!
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