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079 - SN-AG1999 AGE MANIAC

Character: Mamoru Itsuki
Time: 15:00
Place: Bright Win / Third-Class Cabin 1F
Required: Inspect the TV stand

A videogame console released by an overseas manufacturer, 3G MANIAX, in 1982. The machine featured an awesome 3D graphic chip capable of generating full 3D images. However, a shabby sound chip which couldn't produce the C, D and E notes proved to be the machine's downfall.

Several games were released on the platform and are still sought after by game collectors.

(Press X to check Kunitoris)

A review of "Kunitoris"
3G MANIAX's launch title for the Japanese market is a hybrid game combining Shogun feudal wars with puzzle action. Unfortunately, the idea of matching titles to conquer territories fails to generate any of the excitement associated with war simulations. Rating: 6 points.
Просмотров: 800 | Размеры: 508x318px/42.5Kb | Рейтинг: 0.0/0 | Дата: 09.06.2015 | SilentPyramid

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