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081 - Ryuhei's Research Notes

Character: Akiko Kiyota
Time: 15:00
Place: Yamijima Island / Aonoku Settl.
Required: Hear the call of Shu Mikami

Individuals born on the island are gicen a branch from a holy tree called "mekkoju." The name of the newborn is carved into the branch and offered up in a unique ceremony.

According to ancient writings, the Mekkoju itself does not exist, although its branches do. The ceremony for finding the branches in Shinari Mountain is referred to as "The Mekkoju Walk."

For generations, the head of the Ohta family has been responsible for finding the branches and granting then to the island's newborn.

This faith surrounding the Mekkoju seems to be a variation of the belief that holy trees are capable of cleansing evil and unclean things.
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