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080 - Ryuhei's Notebook

Character: Akiko Kiyota
Time: 15:00
Place: Aonoku Settl. / Mikami's Kitchen
Required: Inspect the refrigator

July 29th
Decided to remove Yamijima artefact B.54 from my records of the digs. Unearthed eastern grid the artefact differs from the other relics. To date, I've been unable to determine the materials, the period, the style or any other identifying characteristics. Could it be a modern piece of work that somehow got mixed in with other relics? Or is it some sort of prank or hoax? At this point, I can't accept this piece as an official artefact of the dig.

July 30th
Kanae's resemblance to my wife is uncanny. Even my son, Shu, who's never seen his mother seems taken by her. I know this is all wrong, but I can't bring myself to do anything about the situation.

July 31st
Somebody smashed the rear window again. How can they be so blinded by their customs? Maybe this is the only way they can express their anger at the developers who've polluted their waters. I was never accepted even from the very first day I arrived on this island. The hatred that the islanders feel towards outsiders is something that will probably never change in the years to come.

(Press X to see photo)

Photo of Ryuhei Mikami's late wife, found between the pages of his notebook.
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