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Siren 2 Maniacs: Archives 89 - 93

[No. 089] Mamoru Itsuki's Notebook

The organiser of Mamoru Itsuki, member of the editing department at the occult magazine Atlantis. Aside from notes about research and his schedule, it also seems to have served as a diary. In the entry dated 29 July 2005, Itsuki writes that he has obtained permission from his work to visit Yamijima by himself for research. Saying, "I'm so excited and nervous I can hardly sleep," he is quite enthusiastic about his first big job. However, due to stress from his nerves, Itsuki has "that dream" (date 1 August 2005). "I feel as though I'm a particularly cold person"...

From the archive's second level of information, you can see the cause of Itsuki's trauma, the events that haunt his nightmares even now. There is a suicide note written by a girl and a clipping of a newspaper article titled "14-Year-Old Girl Attempts Suicide By Jumping". From the article, you can see that the girl's name is Mai Ikeda. According to her suicide note, she was being bullied due to the birthmark on her chest. However, amidst this Mamoru "didn't seem to be like the others" (from her suicide note). Itsuki was probably the only one who spoke to the isolated Mai Ikeda rather than keeping his distance like everyone else. Mai also seems to have opened up to Itsuki. However, for some reason cracks appeared in their relationship of trust. This may have been from a casual comment by Itsuki or a slight misunderstanding. Either way, thinking "even Itsuki, the one person I thought I could trust, has betrayed me", Mai Ikeda attempted suicide by jumping from the fourth floor of her apartment building (as the article says "Attempts Suicide", her life is saved). This incident affects Mamoru Itsuki profoundly. He believes what Yuri Kishida tells him, though looking at it objectively there are several strange things about what she says, because he wants to help people who are in trouble and trust people. Further, for the possibility that Mai Ikeda may have some connection to Yamijima, see archive [No.028] Harbour Worker's Journal.

Text from newspaper article:

14-Year-Old Girl Attempts Suicide By Jumping
Around 4pm on the 24th, a report that someone had apparently fallen from an apartment building in Setagaya, Tokyo, was received by emergency services. According to the Setagaya police department, Ms. Mai Ikeda (14) fell from a height of approximately 13 metres from the terrace of her house onto the lawn, her entire body making impact, and was taken to hospital. She was conscious and appears to have no life-threatening injuries. During the police investigation, they found a letter that seems to indicate a high possibility that she attempted suicide due to the pain of being bullied.

[No. 090] Ohta Family Writings

Writings on a scroll hung up in an alcove in the Ohta house. It is written about the duty of the Ohta family, protectors of Yamijima's seal.

[No. 091] Time Capsule

Time capsules were once commonly made at places such as schools. They are created by putting "treasures of that time" in watertight containers. They are supposed to be opened a few decades later, but much of the time people end up why they are filled with such rubbish. The items buried with the time capsule long ago by the children of Yamijima Elementary are an example of this. The fuse was probably put in by someone thinking it was "kind of cool", and actually ends up being useful when illuminating the lighthouse.

[No. 092] Annaki

Annaki was the "one and only being" before the creation of the world. Whether or not this is the one humans would call "god" is unknown, but this world was created by Annaki's death (also, "Anunanki", meaning "he who fell from the heavens", is the name of god in ancient Sumerian). As was explained in archive [No.80] Ryuhei Mikami's Notebook, the dying Annaki's bones were scattered across the earth, changing into various different things.

As is described in archive [No.056] Fossil of Unknown Creature, Datatsushi, worshipped by the people of Hanuda Village in the first game, and the ancient ones (later Yamibito), Otoshigo etc. that appear in Siren 2 are all transformed "bones of Annaki". As in the archive, "big sky fish dies all bones scatter lots of small fish born". The particulars are unknown, but besides the bones such as horns and fangs, you can see other special forms such as "Annaki remains - Claw".

[No. 093] Photo of Shu Mikami & Kanae

A photograph taken of a young Shu and Kanae during happy times at the Mikami house. As mentioned in archive [No.022] Shu Mikami's Drawing, Kanae seems to dislike the light, and even though it is daytime the room is rather dim. In contrast to Shu's beaming face, Kanae's somehow sad expression stands out. Perhaps it is due to a feeling of the inevitability that her role as a "dove", forced upon her, may come to its conclusion in the not so distant future.

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