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089 - Mamoru's Notebook

Character: Mamoru Itsuki
Time: 21:00
Place: Shinari Mountain / Pylon #4
Required: Reconcile with Ikuko Kifune

Company granted my business trip request. My first sole assignment: Yamijima Island! I'm tense and excited. Unable to sleep.

I never thought I'd see that dream again. Why do I have to worry like this? I feel like I'm an exceptionally cold person. Maybe the dream's a result of stress from all this tension. I've got to make this assignment a success.

(Press X to check letter)

Dear Mamoru,
I used to think you were different. Unlike everybody else, you didn't ignore me. But I guess you were no different after all.
Just like them, you thought the bruise on my chest was gross, didn't you? That really hurt…
But I guess I should at least thank you for being nice up to now.
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