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094 - National Sports

Character: Yorito Nagai
Time: 23:00
Place: Yamijima Island / Shiofurihama
Required: Inspect the ship's name

National Sports
August 7, 2003
Japanese Bermuda Traingle?
Hanumaru Missing!

Hanumaru, a tuna boat fishing off the coast of Yamijima Island disappeared at 4:40 a.m. on August 6, adding yet another chapter to the mysterious disappearances that have plagued that particular area of the sea.

In 1976, the entire population of the island disappeared following the night when the island was plunged in darkness by a severed undersea cable. In 1986, the Bright Win passenger liner went missing. Given these incidents, many have come to refer to the waters off the coast of Yamijima Island as Japan's Bermuda Triangle.
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