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Siren 2 Maniacs: Archives 94 - 100

[No. 094] The National Sports

An article from a sports newspaper, published on 7 August 2003. It talks about strange incidents such as the tuna-fishing boat "Hanumaru" that went missing in the waters off Yamijima, and the mass disappearances that once occurred in the area, the vanished Bright Win, etc., with a sports paper-style headling reading, "Japan's Bermuda?". Incidentally the fishing boat "Hanumaru" is the name of the boat that appears in Siren Maniacs (published by SoftBank), the analysis book for Siren, in the manga (by Junji Ito). Hit by several strange occurrences along with the sound of a siren echoing across the sea, the boat's crew eventually all lose their lives.

Further, from the National Sports' sub header "Earthquake in Misumi County", you can see that an elementary school girl has been rescued from the landslide that struck Hanuda Village. This elementary school girl, the only survivor, is naturally Harumi Yomoda. If you think of how the times match up, it is perhaps natural to assume that the oddities occuring on the Hanumaru out at sea and the Other World born in Hanuda Village have some kind of connection.

[No. 095] Ancient Legends of Yamijima

An ancient book that alludes to Otoshigo, a being that hid at the bottom of the sea after fleeding the flood of light. It also mentions how, soliciting the aid of his fellow brethren (the Yamibito) who joined him in fleeing beneath the earth, Otoshigo attempts to somehow be together again.

[No. 096] Letter to Ikuko Kifune

Sent by Noriko Kifune from the side story published on the official website, "The Mystery of the Bright Win". The friend of Ichiko Yagura, later giving birth to twins called Ikuko and Ryuko, she writes the letter to her daughter Ikuko congratulating her on her graduation from high school. The contents show the hardships suffered by Noriko after becoming a mother while still in middle school, and being forced to give Ikuko up due to her hard living situation. The father, Ichiro Nakajima, having lost his life in the Bright Win incident, raising her child as a single mother seems to have been quite a trial.

Incidentally, the other daughter left with Noriko, Ryuko, eventually runs away from home and Noriko believes her to be missing (as we know, Ryuko later drops the Kifune surname and lives with Soji Abe). As she writes in the letter to Ikuko - "If Ryuko visits you, please be sure to let me know" - Noriko has no idea that her daughter has been murdered. This is because Ryuko has been using the Tagawa name, and because after awakening as a dove her old face (the same as Ikuko's) changes to that of "Kanae", so although the incident is widely publicised she apparently does not realise that it involves Ryuko.

[No. 097] Yamibito's Picture Diary

An item that shows the perspective of the Yamibito in the so-called "Nagai ending". It is a picture diary drawn by a Yamibito child who is present at the beach Nagai falls onto. "A scary monster fell from the sky. The monster is a survivor of the 'humans' who should have been exterminated." The "monster" naturally refers to Nagai. From "the humans who should have been exterminated", you can see that the world in Nagai's ending is a world which has been recaptured by the Yamibito. The majority suddenly becoming the minority came from the influence of the classic sci-fi novel "I Am Legend" by R. Matheson.

[No. 098] The National Times

An item that contrasts with archive [No.004] The National Times. In a world in which Soji Abe and Ryuko Tagawa never met, the murder that occurs in Shinjuku, Tokyo involves Ryuko Tagawa and Ichiro Nakajima. When compared to [No.069] Photo of Soji Abe, this item shows the existence of parallel worlds.

[No. 099] Poster of Missing Boy

A missing poster for Kyoya Suda, the boy caught in an endless loop of time, fighting the shibito for eternity, at the end of Siren. His sacrifice after going missing in Hanuda Village is spoken of to the point of becoming an urban legend, but officially he went missing on 2 August 2003 while out for a ride on his mountain bike.

[No. 100] Portable Audio Player

Kyoya Suda's favourite MiniDisc player. Kyoya, wielding the Uryen and Homuranagi, continues defeating the shibito, "The Buster" playing loudly. Considering that Siren's soundtrack has as yet not been released, this is a fan-servicey item.

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