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Siren 2 Maniacs: Archives 1 - 6

[No. 001] Weekly Pictorial "Shintokumaru"

An article in a weekly pictorial magazine telling the news of Harumi Yomoda's safe rescue at the end of the previous game (2003). At the same time, it shows that the bizarre events that occurred in Hanuda Village have been accepted by the "outside world" as a natural disaster resulting from an earthquake directly beneath Misumi County. On the left-hand page is a photo of Harumi being rescued by a Self-Defence Force member rapelling down from a helicopter; as is common knowledge, this is Takeaki Misawa. Though it can't be seen in the picture, as Misawa is returning to the helicopter he sees countless hands grabbing at his feet. Due to trauma from this nightmarish experience Misawa, formerly a model soldier, gradually begins to lose his sanity. Incidentally, looking at the photo on the right-hand page you can see Nitaka Ichifuji with the helmet-wearing Misawa.

[No. 002] Ryuko Tagawa's Diary

The diary kept by Ryuko Tagawa while she lived with Soji Abe in an apartment in Kawai Apartments. From its simplistic appearance - written in pencil in a student notebook - you can tell how poor Ryuko was. However, though they didn't have much money she enjoyed her life with Abe. The owner of the restaurant at which she worked seems to have taken a liking to her also (the owner's name is Tagawa. By this point Ryuko had tossed aside the name of "Kifune" and was going by Tagawa), and Ryuko appears to have been perfectly happy. But a shadow of unease hung over this life. "I feel as though my mother resents me for living the way I do." The worries confessed in her diary end up becoming terrible reality. Dated 31 July, she writes, "I feel kind of anxious. The other me is". As Ryuko, coming home temporarily during her break, writes this, her "other self" Yuri Kishida arrives. Glad to be reunited and awaited by a cruel fate - the two doves. "Mother won't forgive you..." The bloodstains left on Ryuko's diary tell the story of how this sad meeting ended.

[No. 003] News Paradox

A news programme announcing the murder of Ryuko Tagawa. It is one of the items in Siren 2 that plays video and voices, combining interactive elements. The programme tells that Ryuko and Abe argued constantly; one of the causes of this was likely the continuing relationship between Ryuko and the fortune-teller Kiyota, which annoyed the "realist" Abe. Also, the newsreader in the studio and the reporter "Meina Matsuda" are both SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) employees. The next news item, though only shown for a moment, features a photo that is actually a snap of some people letting their hair down at an SCE employee's wedding.

[No. 004] The National Times

Like the programme "News Paradox", this article tells of Ryuko Tagawa's murder and the issuing of a warrant for Soji Abe as a suspect. What is most important is how it connects to other archives. In "[No.098] The National Times" the gist of the article is the same, but there are slight differences, the victim becoming Ichiro Nakajima and the criminal being Noriko Kifune. This shows the possibility of a world in which Abe isn't indicated as a suspect, and Ryuko Tagawa and Abe never met. This is one of the items that represents Siren 2's way of thinking, what creates the basis of its world view - parallel worlds.

[No. 005] Radio News

Reveals that Soji Abe, suspect in the murder of Ryuko Tagawa, has fled to the Shikai region. It also mentions that the police have already caught onto the fact that he has taken a "woman whom he appears to know" (Akiko Kiyota) with him.

[No. 006] Mamoru Itsuki's Voice Recorder

An item that tells of the experiences that lead to Itsuki getting on the fishing boat "Shoseimaru" and heading for Yamijima. Itsuki tries to board a fishing vessel at Sanzu Harbour and tries to force his way to Yamijima, but is turned down point blank by the fisherman. Amidst all of this Shu Mikami appears, wanting to head to Yamijima, and pays off the fisherman with a huge sum of money. Also, you can hear the sound of helicopter blades in the background during Itsuki and Mikami's conversation; the helicopter flying above Sanzu Harbour at this time is boarded by Misawa and Nagai on cargo transportation training, used by the Self-Defence Force. Just before the Shoseimaru deports, Abe and Kiyota show up out of nowhere and force their way onto the boat, which can also be heard on the tape.

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