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Siren 2 Maniacs: Archives 7 - 10

[No. 007] Mamoru Itsuki's Company ID

Mamoru Itsuki's ID, showing that he is an employee of Super Scientific Research Co., and a member of the editing department of the occult magazine "Atlantis". Incidentally, the business cards in the left side pocket are blank paper, with only the logo on top printed on them. The part actually giving his name as "Mamoru Itsuki" was not created, and perhaps to create some depth the staff's business cards were used as photo props (actual articles) to increase the number. What should be noted here is the copy of Atlantis (August 2005 special issue) that can be seen on the second level of the archive.

The magazine Atlantis is a parody of actual mystery magazine "MU" (published by Study Research Co.), but what is of particular interest are the several headlines on the front cover of the special issue. They are actually related to several elements that contain important keys to Siren 2's story. The main feature, "Interpreting the Wonder of Multiple Worlds!", is a hint towards the game's thinking towards parallel worlds. Also, the sub-headlines talk about things like "Earth's Ancient Inhabitants!" which hints at the existence of the Yamibito, and "Azteca Queen, the Cursed Song Hiding Keywords to the Destruction of Humanity!", which is based on archive [No.041] Riko Azuma Record. "Strange incident report: Village of spirited aways in Misumi County" even brings up Hanuda Village, touching upon the story of the previous game lightly, which is impressive attention to detail. Furthermore, there is actually an article midway through the special edition Atlantis. The article, which cannot be viewed in-game, talks about "remnants of Holy Tree myths seen throughout the world". This is a special article that summarizes beliefs surrounding giant trees that can be seen all around the world, such as the Tree of Life that grows in the centre of the Garden of Eden as mentioned in the Old Testament "Book of Genesis", or the Sephirot tree from the mysticism "Kabbalah". This is shown in Siren 2's Mekkoju, for which the pylon is a metaphor.

Note: For a bit of unmentioned trivia, the writer's name can just about be made out as "Shinichi Amamoto" - the name of the protagonist's father from the Siren movie, who works for Atlantis.

[No. 008] Akiko Kiyota's Pendulum & Map

Akiko Kiyota begins to work with Abe, who is wanted as a suspect in the murder of Ryuko Tagawa. This map and pendulum are the items that tell the story of why the two head to Yamijima. The pendulum is used in a kind of divining called dowsing, used to find underground water channels, lost items and the like. Akiko, trying to divine the truth of Ryuko's murder, realises that the key to finding the truth behind the incident lies in an isolated island in the Shikai region, Yamijima, and that Abe, being pursued by the police, hasn't committed any crime, and they decide to head for Yamijima together.

[No. 009] Shikai News

A newspaper article reporting on the cutting of the undersea cable off the coast of Yamijima and the disappearance of all of its islanders on 2 August 1976. The cable's cutting was due to the reawakening of Otoshigo, but the "outside world" had no way of knowing this and combined the incident with the mass disappearances of the islanders, becoming the subject of discussion as an unprecedented mystery. What must also not be overlooked is the heading beside the article about the Yamijima disappearances at the top of the front page, which reads "pregnant woman falls from cruise ship". In this article, which is easy to miss, is actually hidden the mystery of an important incident surrounding Akiko Kiyota's birth. At the same time as the undersea cable was cut, a pregnant woman fell into the sea off Yamijima from the boat she was on, who was Akiko Kiyota's mother. At the time, the essence of Kanae (a dove), having lost her physical form, was floating through the sea near Yamijima. This essence entered the womb of the pregnant woman who fell into the water, leading to Akiko Kiyota being born containing the "essence of a dove". This is also the reason why Akiko has strange abilities such as past sight, and why she awakens as Kanae at the end of the game.

[No. 010] Shikai News

Information related to the Mystery of the Bright Win story published on the official website. The newspaper article simply mentions that the ferry "Bright Win" has vanished off the coast of Yamijima, but the video on the archive's second level shows Riko Azuma, who sings Azecta Queen, on a music programme, with a news alert showing "Single survivor found" at the top of the screen. The survivor, at the time of the alert referred to simply as a "middle school girl", is Noriko Kifune, who later gives birth to Ikuko and Ryuko. Also, the programme Riko Azuma is singing on is a parody of a music programme called The Best Ten, which used to be immensely popular. The woman trying to conduct a confused exchange with Riko Azuma over a faulty microphone is most likely a character based on Tetsuko Kuroyanagi.

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