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AI Lain 2023 - New Serial Experiments Lain Chatbot Review

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This year marks the 25th anniversary of the "Serial Experiments LAIN" anime series and video game.

On this occasion, the creators of Lain decided to do something new and launched a project called "AI LAIN".

This is a communication simulator with virtual Lain Iwakura, created on the basis of the ChatGPT bot. Fans can ask Lain various questions, listen to her answers, and teach her new knowledge.

An unusual feature is that the bot can speak in the voice of Kaori Shimizu (an actress who played Lain in the anime and video game). And not only in Japanese - but also in English.

The work on the project was carried out by a company called Anique. And Yasuyuki Ueda, the main creator of Lain, became the supervisor.

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AI Lain Review

What I liked:

1) Cool concept. It fits well with the video game and anime's worldview. It's also interesting that AI Lain develops the idea of "TaK files" from the Serial Experiment Lain PS1 game. In these "TaK files", the heroine could address the player directly and even say the player's name in a synthesized voice. And now, thanks to AI technologies, this idea from the game has been taken to a new level.

2) Lain's voice is recreated very well (especially when she speaks in Japanese). You can really feel the familiar intonations in her voice. To achieve this effect, the developers took old audio cassettes with voice recordings of actress Kaori Shimizu and ran them through special digitization software.

3) Virtual Lain answers questions quite nicely and rarely says something stupid. It’s also nice that she tries to keep the conversation going and sometimes asks her own questions too. Like "recommend me some good anime” or "tell me something about this game”.

4) Another interesting feature is that Lain can learn new knowledge. If people tell her some new information, she remembers it. For example, after several attempts, I managed to introduce Lain to the game "Demonophobia". At first, she answered that she didn’t know about such a game - but then she learned and began to say, "I heard about this game, it’s a horror game with a lot of gruesome depictions!

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What I didn't like:

1) The chatbot is not particularly good at acting out Lain’s character. And usually it's unable to answer difficult questions related to the story of the game or anime. So you shouldn’t expect miracles here - it’s just an ordinary chatbot with Lain’s voice attached to it. Although perhaps in the process of training, it will learn to be more like Lain.

2) Sometimes Lain's answers are very inconsistent. One time she might tell you that her favorite horror game is "Silent Hill", and 20 minutes later she will tell you that her favorite horror game is called "Mahjong Soul" (what!?).

3) The service is paid, and the prices seem inflated. One day of communication with Lain costs $3, and one month costs $20. You can only ask 10 questions for free.

Talking with Lain

In this video, you can see some of my dialogues with virtual Lain.

We will discuss the anime and the game version of Serial Experiments Lain, and also find out what she thinks about various Japanese horror games - Silent Hill, Saya no Uta and Demonophobia :)

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Author of the article: SilentPyramid

Date of publication: 26.11.2023

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