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Forbidden Siren Archive Items 092-094 Information from Siren Maniacs Guide Book

[No.092] Skyfish

The skyfish is an unidentified creature that can be captured at Gojaku Peak in Hanuda Village. As told in legends, Gojaku Peak was a mystery spot which would cause scratches of unknown origin to appear on all who entered it. Due to skyfish - odd creatures with stick-like bodies and fish fins - flying around the area, they got these wounds... or so has been the interpretation since ancient times, but you can actually knock down a skyfish on top of the siren shack at Hanuda Mine during the game. Skyfish are a kind of UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) that have been repeatedly witnessed worldwide since the 90s. They are mysterious being that fly around at high speeds, and it is apparently impossible to see one with the naked eye. They shoot through the sky with vicious speed, looking life fish, and even when captured on film were only able to be seen using slow-motion or frame-by-frame examination.

Perhaps it's only natural for a game like Siren, jam-packed with occultish things like a forbidden ritual, UFOs, and a mysterious curse on the undead, to have all kinds of UMAs like tsuchinoko and skyfish... It might not even be all that odd for Nessie to poke its head out of the Mana River. In any case, like the tsuchinoko before it, this is something that shows the staff's playfulness, something a little different from the main story of the game which is centred around the curse of Datatsushi. Incidentally, in recent years it has been claimed, and mostly proven, that skyfish are flies flying close to the camera lens that have been mistakenly identified due to the framerate of the video.

[No.093] Burnt Scrap of White Coat

The word "Miyata" can faintly be made out on the burnt scrap of white coat found inside the Shibito Nest. As is widely known, from "Makino Day 3 7:00" onwards, doctor Miyata becomes "Makino" in Siren. This can also be confirmed by the differing positions of Miyata and Makino's moles, as well as their held items. As shown in "Strange Tales of Hanuda" Chapter 5, despite being twins one was taken in by the Irazu Valley church, supporting Hanuda Village on the front, while the other was taken in by the Miyata Clinic, controlling the village from the shadows, the twin brothers being divided into "white sheep" and "black sheep". Being forced to stain his hands with blood, walking a dark and lonely path, he can finally resolve his gloomy feelings towards Makino by this "switch". Dressing up in the black robes of a Guiding Priest worn by Makino and burning the white coat he used to wear... The "persona" and "shadow" that have long been at odds within Miyata finally fuse.

[No.094] Atlantis Special Edition

A special edition of Atlantis Magazine (July 2003 issue) with the catchphrase: "Crossing the border between the real and the unreal! Mystery-solving magazine". What the creators are actually trying to tell the players through this magazine seems to be quite important to understanding the game. It seems like they are directly giving a "certain hint" to the player through the article in Atlantis. This special edition's topic is "space archaeology". Aside from the headline "They always lurk in the shadows of the evolution of humanity and the development of society!", you can also see "Following in the footsteps of the gods!". Then to what do "they" and "gods" refer? The answer is in the main article that you can see in the archive screen. "Long, long ago, a super-intelligent lifeform came from space, having a profound impact on the evolution of humanity and the development of society..." If you read this far, you should have a rather good idea. Fish falling from the sky, and a strange-looking creature. The Mana Stone appearing at the same time, seeming somehow metallic and having strange properties... If you combine all of these things and consider them, one theory arises that Datatsushi is a creature that came from outer space. What if the Mana Stone is the remnants of a spaceship that happened to crashland on Earth...? This is just one possibility, but isn't it an interesting one?

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