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Forbidden Siren Archive Items 095-100 Information from Siren Maniacs Guide Book

[No.095] Sacred Picture "Paradise"

A sacred picture of the Land of the Gods (paradise) as defined by the legends of Hanuda Village. It shows a sea, red as blood, and red flowers scattered across the ground, most likely "Midnight Pimpernels". In short, the Land of the Gods of Hanudan legend is the Underworld, a world different from ours. It is "Inferno", where Kyoya Suda fights Datatsushi at the end of the game. You can also see the Mana Stone at the centre of the picture, and winged Shibito flying in the sky. Even if one were granted "eternal life" in a world like this, would it really make them happy? From a normal perspective this must surely not be the case, but this is the paradise in which Manaism devotees believe.

[No.096] Homuranagi

The Kajiro family heirloom, the Homuranagi ("flaming scythe"). Its blade forged from meteoric iron harvested from the Mana Stone, the power of the Heavenly Gods dwells within. The openwork of its hilt is engraved with the Mana cross. According to "The Homuranagi", a document passed down through the Kajiro family, long ago, when Hanuda Village was in a predicament over the oppression of its pagan beliefs, the village was saved many times by the power of the Homuranagi, the weapon of a powerful god. When Kyoya and Datatsushi fight at "Inferno", lights float down from the sky and enter the Homuranagi, giving it the power to decapitate Datatsushi. The power that descends at this time is the "Kiruden", released from the four lanterns in Karuwari. As also mentioned in the entry for "[No.055] Legends of Heavenly Salvation: Kiruden", according to western legends Yahweh, ejecting Adamn from paradise, placed a mythical beast with four heads - a lion, a bull, a human and an eagle - called "Cherubim", holding a "glittering sword of flame", in the east of the Garden of Eden to protect the Tree of Life. Thinking over these things, it seems as though the Homuranagi becomes the "blade of flame containing the power of the Cherubim" at the end of the fight.

[No.097] Tamon Takeuchi's Picture Diary

A picture diary that seems to have been written by Takeuchi after being taken in by relatives following the loss of his parents in the 1976 landslide. It was written on 25 August 1977. This means it was written just after a year had passed since the landslide the previous summer. It says: "When I close my eyes ... I can hear my mother and father calling out to me." Since at this point Tamon's parents would have been at the bottom of the reservoir, turned into half-Shibito, it wouldn't be totally impossible for them to be calling out to him. Years later, now a folklorist, Tamon desires to explain Hanuda Village's "secret ritual" scientifically - or perhaps he just wanted to see his parents one more time.

[No.098] Misumi Gazette

According to the morning edition of the Misumi Gazette dated 3 March 2002, the car in which Harumi Yomoda and her parents were riding was struck by lightning. This incident left Harumi with no relatives. Afterwards, Harumi becomes broody and depressed, causing her teacher Reiko Takato to project the daughter she was unable to save onto Harumi, promising to do anything to help her. It doesn't seem as though Harumi's parents being struck by lightning was a mere accident.

[No.099] Hanuda Incident: The True Story

By deciphering the Shibito script written on an iron board obtained after Kyoya's genocide ending, you can see that it becomes an real website URL. Actually visiting the site, it is the site of the "Urban Legend Investigation Team", who attempt to verify occult rumours circulating around town (incidentally, the name of the owner is "SHIBITO"). There is a report here titled "Hanuda Incident: The True Story", written by a person who actually visited the remains of a village where the "XX Village Massacre of 33" is said to have taken place. Over the course of the report, it becomes clear that this incident closely resembles the even now ongoing "Hanuda Village curse", full of shocking details. According to the site, "Several young people who have ventured into the mountains searching for the abandoned village have gone missing," "Witnesses have seen an old woman crawling on all fours, eagerly devouring something," and so on... And there is a jarring truth that comes from a local middle-school student. The story goes that even now, the ghost of a boy is sometimes seen in the fog. The ghost of a boy carrying a rifle and Japanese sword... Is Kyoya still fighting, trying to fulfil his promise to Miyako?

[No.100] Misumi Gazette

A copy of the Misumi Gazette (6 August 2003 special edition), telling of the rescue of a 10-year-old girl from the site of the landslide that hit Hanuda Village. Wishing for her safe return, Miyako enlists Kyoya's aid to return Harumi back to the real world...

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