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Forbidden Siren Short Stories - Strange Tales of Hanuda

forbidden siren ps2 strange tales of hanuda

A collection of short stories called "Strange Tales of Hanuda" reveals many interesting details about the plot of Forbidden Siren and the mysterious events that occurred in the small village of Hanuda.

These stories were originally published in 2003 on the official Japanese website of the game. And in 2004 they were republished on paper as a supplement to the book "Siren Maniacs".

For many years, these stories were only available in Japanese. But now they are finally translated into English! The translation was made by Chelsea from the site "FFTranslations".

Chapter 1: Stray Child

The first chapter tells the story of a little girl Namiko Yoshikawa, who gets lost in the forest.

Chapter 2: Taboo

In the second chapter, we will learn the true reason for the tragic events that occurred in Hanuda in 1976.

Chapter 3: Foundling

The third chapter describes a strange incident when the villagers found two twin babies.

Chapter 4: The Peeker

In the fourth chapter, we learn about the fate of a man named Takafumi Shimura, who tried to hide in an abandoned hospital.

Chapter 5: White Sheep, Black Sheep

The events of the fifth chapter take place in 1989. The final chapter explores the childhoods of Kei Makino and Shiro Miyata, giving us further insight into the psychology of these characters.

Story Analysis

In addition to the stories themselves, developers also wrote several short articles with official analysis for each story. These materials were published in the "Siren Maniacs" guide book.

Now these articles have also been translated into English:

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