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Forbidden Siren Archive Items 048-053 Information from Siren Maniacs Guide Book

[No.048] Stargazers' Circle Flyer

The first time the siren sounds in-game is at midnight on 3 August 2003, at which time elementary school student Harumi Yomoda is at school with her teacher, Reiko Takato. Since this isn't made explicitly clear in the game, there are likely many people who wondered what they were doing in such a place so late at night. The "stargazers' circle" is this reason. Scheduled from 8pm until 11:30pm on 2 August, it was held to observe a comet that comes once every 333 years. It was held at the campus in the mountains with Harumi as the only participant. This is why Takato and Harumi are alone at the school in the middle of the night (Principal Nagoshi seems to have been at the school at night for the same reason).

[No.049] Hanuda Village Folklore Anthology

A book found in the school library by Naoko Mihama. This book has the same name as the book of folk tales borrowed from the library by Namiko Yoshikawa in chapter 1 of the side story "Strange Tales of Hanuda". Despite looking like a children's book, the anthology tells a rather accurate account of the history of the curse put on Hanuda by Datatsushi, providing some information that is central to the story. "A strange fish fell from the sky, landing in a village suffering a famine due to the constant burning of the sun. When a starving girl consumed its flesh, the sky suddenly clouded over and a loud sound echoed from the heavens... The girl, regretting her actions, begged for God's forgiveness if she from then on gathered up fish one by one and returned them to Heaven." This is a rough summary of the story; if it is interpreted that the fish that fell from the sky is Datatsushi and returning the fish one by one to Heaven is the marriage of girls to the monstrous god, you can trace a rather accurate outline of the curse on Hanuda Village. Also, Mihama, learning of a "woman who lives forever" from this book and Akira Shimura's words, her mind foggy from exhaustion, drowns herself in a red spring in search of eternal youth and beauty.

[No.050] History of the Miyata Clinic

This chronological history of the Miyata Clinic contains an interesting comment. In 1942, a year after being turned into a designated Japanese military hospital in 1941, the number of beds increased four-fold (to 66) in the "first round" of construction. According to Ms. Sato, in charge of background info, "During the war, soldiers noticed Hanuda's curse and formulated plans to mobilise Shibito troops. With the military's aid, the Miyata Clinic suddenly underwent a huge expansion." Incidentally, part of the military's plans were forced through in secret, but in the chaos before the end of the war the project was shelved (Sato).

[No.051] Angel Relief

This relief, found on a bed inside the Miyata Clinic, is a carving depicting twin angels holding a sword and shield. The Uryen, the power to destroy the immortal Shibito, comes from two idols with a sword and shield, and this relief symbolises the Uryen.

[No.052] Legend of Princess Konohana Sakuya

The Japanese legend of Princess Konohana Sakuya is the tale of Princess Iwanaga, who represents immortality, and her younger sister Princess Konohana Sakuya, who represents prosperity. When the two are sent to become the wives of a god, he takes to Konohana Sakuya due to her beauty, sending Iwanaga back. Due to this, he is unable to obtain immortality. However, in the version told in Hanuda the fundamental details are reversed, with the god sending back Konohana Sakuya after having his heart stolen by living forever. Afterwards his descendants are enshrouded in darkness, and though they are immortal they never see the sun.

[No.053] Weekly Pictorial "Shintokumaru"

The 7 September 2001 issue of weekly pictorial magazine Shintokumaru, which contains an article about an incident at the beach that caused several casualties, mainly children. According to the article, which tells the story of a beach that was thrown into panic after a sudden giant wave, an elementary school teacher called Reiko Suzuki tragically lost her own daughter whilst saving the lives of two other children. In actuality, the Reiko Suzuki mentioned is Reiko Takato, a teacher who appears in the game. Divorcing her husband after the death of her beloved daughter, she reverted to her maiden name of Takato and started over by taking a job at an elementary school in the country. The reason Takato is so intent upon saving her student Harumi appears to be due to her imposing the image of the daughter she couldn't save upon her.

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