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Forbidden Siren Archive Items 054-060 Information from Siren Maniacs Guide Book

[No.054] Hymn Book

An anthology containing songs extolling the power of the visiting god. It seems as though most of the residents of Hanuda carried these, being believers of Manaism. In the level "Takato Day 1 23:00", it is left on the Kajiro gravestone in Karuwari, but nothing is actually here during "Suda Day 1 8:00". One of the Shibito, mindlessly repeating their actions from life, likely forgot it there whilst going around and paying their respects at the grave and lanterns. Also, during "Tomoko Day 2 6:00" there is a toy on top of the Karuwari grave. This also seems like something left behind by a Shibito.

[No.055] Legends of Heavenly Salvation: Kiruden

The "Legends of Heavenly Salvation", Hanuda Village's scriptures, contains the legend of a holy beast that guards Paradise. The holy beast mentioned in this legend is "Kiruden". The Kiruden, beast of the heavens that has the face of a lion, bull, man and eagle, guards Paradise with its flaming sword. By lighting the four lanterns in Karuwari in the game (one for the lion, bull, man and eagle) a light is released and ascends into the heavens, which dwells within the Homuranagi during the final battle with Datatsushi. The Kiruden itself is the power that protects Paradise. Also, Kiruden appears to have several points in common with the holy beast "Cherubim" of western myth. After expelling Adam from Paradise, Yahweh places the holy beast Cherubim and its "sword glittering with flame" east of the Garden of Eden to protect the "Tree of Life". The Cherubim is said to have had four faces: a lion, bull, man and eagle (Genesis, Book of Ezekiel). The singular form of Cherubim, Cherub, is the name of Miyako's pet dog.

[No.056] Patient's Letter

A yellowed letter found in a sickroom at the Miyata Clinic. From the way it begins with "To Akira", it appears to have been a letter that Takafumi Shimura attempted to send to his cousin Akira. Catching onto the taboo truth - that Hisako Yao is the "dark side" of Hanuda Village that controls it - Takafumi is labelled a madman and admitted to the Miyata Clinic. As a reward for his efforts to reveal the terrible truth, Takafumi becomes trapped in the village's dark side... Whilst spending his days confined within iron bars, his sanity gradually began to slip. The phrase repeated persistently throughout the letter - "I'm not crazy" - seems like the cries of Takafumi's mind. However, as you can see from the fact that the letter is found inside the sickroom, his cries never reached the outside world. The creepy, mentally ill-looking scribble left on the wall of the isolation room... This was probably also Takafumi's work.

[No.057] Uryen

Two clay statues, each engraved with the design of either a sword or a shield. It is supposed that these are fetishes that were used in ancient rituals, but they actually conceal within them the power to destroy the immortal Shibito forever. However, this extraordinary power is called upon in exchange for the life of the user. In short, they are "divine weapons" within which dwell the "opposing power that is created when another power is born". After the 1976 ritual ended in failure, it was in the possession of the Previous Miyako, sealed away in the basement of the Miyata Clinic for 27 years. Miyata, acting as though in tune with her desires, is entrusted the Uryen by the half-mummified Previous Miyako.

[No.058] Altar Idol

An idol created from a doll, the bones of a fish and all kinds of assembled jumble. During a period of oppression for their unusual religion long ago, Hanuda Village adopted the fish as a symbol of their god to avoid persecution; the reason why even rubbish is inside the altar is because they viewed even rubbish that washed up in places such as rivers to be sacred, as a way of revering the god who washed up there. In making the idol used for photography, they put the head of a doll on a plate, which cost more than 6,000 yen alone (in the end, its body remained unused).

[No.059] Misumi Gazette

The morning edition of the Misumi Gazette, dated 7 July 1975, reporting on a landslide in the Harayadori district. According to the article, "As a result of the constant rain, there are fears that sinking of the land beneath the air-raid shelter ruins may cause a second disaster." This shows that a large facility was built in the area during the war. This also explains why you can obtain explosives from the storeroom reached via the well.

[No.060] Midnight Pimpernel

I flower that is said to bloom only once, in the middle of the night, lasting until the morning. In the language of flowers, it means "a hidden religion". Many bloom in the Underworld.

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