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Forbidden Siren Archive Items 026-031 Information from Siren Maniacs Guide Book

[No.026] The Takeuchi Monographs: Notes on the Kajiro Family

A book self-published by Tamon Takeuchi's father, a local historian living in Hanuda Village, in 1971. It is about the Kajiro family, who were wealthy farmers that controlled the village and were seen in two ways: "blessed by welcoming a visiting god long ago" and "angered a visiting god long ago and proffered by revering it". In actuality, the latter interpretation is the correct one. It is also written that "those of the Kajiro family live long lives, sometimes born with the ability to see 'visions'", showing that he dug fairly deep into the Kajiro family's secrets. Also, the "Takeuchi Monographs" were named with an ancient Japanese tondemo-bon called the "Takeuchi Documents". The article created for photographing was made using a magazine called "The Game Critic" with a full-colour fake cover stuck onto the front.

[No.027] Group Photo Commemorating Opening

A photo showing the Gojaku Peak mine, formerly a prosperous tin mine, at its peak. In the top left of the photo is a mysterious body of light that looks to be in the shape of a UFO, showing that Hanuda Village is a mysterious area. Incidentally, East Shaft #3 shown in this photo appears to be the shaft Namiko Yoshikawa falls into during "Strange Tales of Hanuda" chapter 1.

[No.028] Serow Picture Diary

Obviously modelled on the standard student notebook, Japonica Student Notebook. It is a picture diary by Namiko Yoshikawa, from chapter 1 of "Strange Tales", with an entry on 5 July 1976 saying: "I saw a small light flying around Gojaku Peak. Tomorrow after school, I'm going to go there." After writing this, Namiko vanishes. Namiko probably thinks that the light on Gojaku Peak may hold some clue as to her mother's mysterious disappearance. You can also see the staff's efforts to die together Gojaku Peak and "unknown flying bodies" (UFOs?).

[No.029] Chart Dated 27 Years Ago

A diagnostic chart written at Miyata Clinic in 1976. The patient's name is Takafumi Shimura. Takafumi was the cousin of hunter Akira Shimura, and due to his sharp senses had caught onto Hanuda Village's dark side and the true form of Hisako Yao. Upon trying to spread this fact to those around him he was declared insane and admitted to the Miyata Clinic, and this chart tells the events of that time. As well as showing the thick darkness enshrouding the village, you could also say that it is a document showing the terrible nature of the village doctors the Miyatas, cleaning up dissenters as the enforcers of "shadow". If you look at the actual chart used for photography, it appears to be dated 22 February 1976. Also, before being confined inside the Miyata Clinic, Takafumi imparted his knowledge regarding the village's secrets to Akira's son, Koichi. Strongly affected by this, Koichi later attempts to free the village from its darkness by himself, stealing the indispensable holy vessel (Datatsushi's head) and planning to escape with the previous Miyako. These happenings are described in detail in chapter 4 of the side story "Strange Tales".

[No.030] The Legend of Yao Bikuni

The legend of a woman who is said to have eaten the flesh of a mermaid, granting immortality and eternal youth, and living for more than 800 years. As you can tell from the similarities between Hisako Yao and Yao Bikuni, long ago Hisako ate the flesh of a god (Datatsushi), living until now - you could even say she is Yao Bikuni herself. It wouldn't be strange for those around Yao to be suspicious of her appearance never changing, never growing any older, but basically when the people of Hanuda Village try to think too deeply about those kinds of issues their heads get foggy, so the truth about who Yao is has never come out. This is another of the workings of the curse on the village.

[No.031] Umi-okuri

Hanuda Village has customary events, known as umi-okuri and umi-gaeri. Seeing the water's edge as the boundary between this world and the next they would there wash away their sins, believing that they would be granted the god's blessing - however, behind this is the fearsome memory of the red sea and siren that have struck the village multiple times. By the way, if you take a good look at the umi-okuri (umi-gaeri) that is shown in the game being repeated at 6 o'clock along with the siren ringing out, amidst the throng heading to (and returning from) the sea you can make out Principal Nagoshi, nurse Mina, and Officer Tetsuo Ishida.

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