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Forbidden Siren Archive Items 032-037 Information from Siren Maniacs Guide Book

[No.032] Tomoko Maeda's Student ID

"Hanuda Middle School Year 2 Class 1 - Tomoko Maeda" is written on it. It seems to have been dropped by Tomoko, running through the village lost, then picked up by a shibito and hidden in the storage room behind the shrine. To get into the storage room, you will have to sightjack the shibito as it enters the code to the dial lock. This is one of the scenes in which seeing visions works in your favour.

[No.033] Yoriko Anno's University Notebook

Notes taken by Yoriko while attending a lecture being given on folklore by Tamon Takeuchi at university. It was written while she was being taught about Yomotsu Hegui - "If you eat food cooked by fire of the Underworld you will be unable to return to the real world" - but Yoriko seems to have been busier drawing a rather beautified, shojo manga-style Takeuchi on the left-hand page. The note itself cuts off suddenly with, "I'm so sleepy..." Also, in Takeuchi's Day 1 12:00 level he scolds Yoriko as she tries to drink water from a red spring with, "You know what Yomotsu Hegui is, don't you!?" to which Yoriko responds, "Huh? Are you saying this is the Underworld?" through which it seems as though if nothing else she clearly remembers being taught about Yomotsu Hegui.

[No.034] Villager's Diary

A villager's diary, found left inside the storage hut. An entry dated 2 June 1966 reads, "That woman is a monster. She has been watching over this village for a long, long time. Never changing, never aging." This shows that the owner of the diary is someone who has caught on to the danger of Hisako Yao, and has been watching her quite closely. By the content, it appears to be the diary of Takafumi Shimura, who is later confined inside the Miyata Clinic as being "insane". Takafumi, who seems to have had quite sharp senses, was not the only one who had been chasing the village's secrets to a certain degree - there was also Omito Takeuchi, writer of the "Takeuchi Monographs". As you can see in "[No.070] Old Photo of Akira Shimura", the Takeuchis and Shimuras had quite a close relationship, which may have been born as they examined the village's dark side.

[No.035] Yoriko Anno's Postcard

Yoriko Anno ends up going along with Tamon Takeuchi, heading for Hanuda Village, on his research trip by foribly getting into his car. Upon arriving in the village, she writes a postcard to her parents at home saying, "I've come to a village on an important study trip but don't worry about me, okay?" This attentiveness shows a quite down-to-earth side to Yoriko, who seems to take everything at her own pace. The picture on this postcard is of the terraced fields, which should be a symbol of Hanuda Village. To the village, which pulls in no tourists whatsoever, it is surprising that they have postcards available.

[No.036] Umi-gaeri

A folk legend that has been passed down in Hanuda Village since time immemorial. It says that those who submurge themselves in the Mana river are purified of their sins, and those who return receive the blessing of god. In actuality, after being called by the sound of the siren and heading into the red sea, those who aren't yet "complete" return to the real world during umi-gaeri. At this point repulsive changes begin occurring in their shibito-turned flesh, such as sea creatues clinging to them. This may be viewed as having "received the blessing of god" according to the Other World, but it is doubtful that this is what the villagers expected to be rewarded with.

[No.037] The Origins of Mizuhiruko Shrine

An item explaining the origins of Mizuhiruko Shrine in Hirunotsuka. According to it, "Suddenly a merman appeared from a spring and said, "I am Hiruko-no-Mikoto. ...Make me offerings of food and alcohol." So the villagers hurriedly created a shrine, purifying his divine spirit." However, in actuality, in the midst of a famine a merman suddenly fell from the sky and the villagers, suffering from starvation, perpetrated the sin of eating its flesh... is probably a more accurate course of events. "The Origins of Mizuhiruko Shrine" may have been created to conceal the sins committed by their distant ancestors. Incidentally, according to myths, "Hiruko-no-Mikoto" was the first deity born to Izanagi-no-Mikoto and Izanami-no-Mikoto, but was born resembling a leech (mizuhiro) and was therefore cast off into the sea on a boat made of reeds... This image of "being set afloat into the sea on a reed boat" is interesting due to its similarity to Datatsushi falling from the heavens. Was Datatsushi, in his eerie form, a being that was cast out "on a boat of reeds (spaceship)"?

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