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Christmas Horror Games

christmas horror games new year scary game

In this article, you will find 10 unique horror games with New Year and Christmas themes.

They will fill you with a feeling of Christmas joy and will make the holiday unforgettable.

Or maybe they'll drive you insane and turn you into an evil Santa Claus. Who knows?

Christmas Night

christmas night pc indie horror game santa claus scary

Release date: 2023
Platform: PC

In this short indie horror game, we play the role of a little girl named Vanessa.

On Christmas night, she suddenly discovers a letter from Santa at her home. In this letter, Santa offers to play a little game - if the girl can complete several tasks, then he will fulfill her wishes.

At the beginning, the game looks quite cute - we walk around a house stuffed with Christmas decorations, get into the festive atmosphere, and complete simple tasks from Santa.

But in the middle of the game, events take a rather creepy and shocking turn.

Blue Stinger

blue stinger sega dreamcast horror game

Release date: 1999
Platform: Sega Dreamcast

A weird survival horror game from the creators of "Illbleed".

Blue Stinger takes place right before the New Year. While the residents of a small resort town were preparing for the holiday, a meteorite suddenly fell from the sky - and soon people began to turn into creepy crab-like monsters.

blue stinger christmas santa claus sega dreamcast horror game

The game amazingly combines elements of horror and black comedy, and seasons them with Christmas motifs.

Some locations feature very cheerful and festive music (which creates a rather strange atmosphere); New Year's greeting posters can be seen everywhere; and you can even wear a Santa Claus costume during the game.

Frosty Nights

frosty night pc indie horror game

Release date: 2017
Platform: PC

Indie horror game, which combines Christmas motifs and the theme of children's nightly fears.

Here we play as a small child who has to survive several terrible winter nights.

Every night, all sorts of strange things will happen in our room, and snowman monsters will burst through the windows and doors, eager to taste fresh human meat.

Our task is to drive away the snowmen with a hair dryer (they are afraid of heat) and try to survive until dawn.

Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar

haunted ps1 madvent calendar pc indie horror game

Release date: 2020
Platform: PC

A collection of 24 very short experimental indie games that are united by winter and New Year themes.

They are developed by different people, and the quality of each game varies from "my god, why did they make such crap?" to "interesting idea, but too short”.

However, if you consider them not separately, but as a whole, then "Madvent Calendar" is a rather unique experience and leaves a pleasant impression.

I think fans of "LSD: Dream Emulator" will certainly like this game.

Parasite Eve

parasite eve ps1 horror game пс1

Release date: 1998
Platform: Playstation 1

Every fan of the Survival Horror genre probably knows about this legendary game.

But not many gamers realize how grotesquely it used Christmas motifs.

parasite eve ps1 survival horror game screenshot monster boss

The events of the game take place on Christmas Eve - and towards the end, Parasite Eve begins to reproduce the Christian story about the birth of Jesus Christ by the Virgin Mary. But in a truly creepy and perverted way.

>> Parasite Eve Review <<

Irony of Nightmare

irony of nightmare pc indie horror game

Release date: 2017
Platform: PC

We are preparing for Christmas, there is already a decorated tree in the room. But suddenly the lights in the apartment turn off - and we notice that several Christmas tree decorations with letters painted on them have suddenly lined up in the word "D I E”.

From this moment on, all sorts of creepy and inexplicable things begin to happen in our apartment.

Irony of Nightmare is an indie horror game with a first-person view, which in concept is strongly reminiscent of Silent Hill 4: The Room.

Throughout the game, we are locked in an apartment and forced to watch as the familiar reality around us is gradually distorted, turning into a nightmare.

Crimson Snow

crimson snow pc indie horror game christmas new year steppe hare studio

Release date: 2023
Platform: PC

The main character planned to spend Christmas with his girlfriend, but something went wrong.

When he comes to her house, some strange events begin to happen there. It looks like the whole house got caught in some kind of alternate reality, and a bloodthirsty female monster with long razor-sharp nails appears there.

The game makes interesting use of Christmas paraphernalia, with a horror twist.

We light up dark rooms with sparklers, distract the monster woman with a gift under the tree, watch creepy black-and-white Christmas movies on TV, and play the "Jingle Bells” tune on a bloody piano.

And even the corpses in the game are carefully wrapped in glowing festive garlands. Isn't it cute?

>> Crimson Snow Review <<

Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa

planet of bloodthirsty santa christmas horror game puppet combo pc

Release date: 2018
Platform: PC

Schizophrenic sci-fi horror game from Puppet Combo.

Members of a space expedition arrive on an uncharted planet in search of rare materials. But a surprise awaits them - this planet is home to a murderous Santa Claus, who just absolutely loves to kill people with an axe!

We have to wander through the bizarre landscapes of the planet, run away from a crazy Santa, and fight with mutant deer.

>> Review of the Game <<

By the way, Puppet Combo has another crazy Christmas-themed game - it's called "Christmas Massacre". But the genre there is not exactly horror, but a killer simulator.

Rasen Kairou

rasen kairou pc visual novel horror game ruf пк визуальная новелла

Release date: 2000
Platform: PC

The story of Rasen Kairou begins in mid-December, shortly before Christmas. A young psychologist named Yuji Saeki buys his first computer, and one day he suddenly discovers a weird website called "EDEN" on the Internet.

Terrible things are happening on this website: administrators kidnap girls, rape them, and post all the details on the Internet, to the delight of cynically hooting commentators. Soon, Yuji begins to realize that the creators of Eden somehow found out about him - and now intend to destroy his life and the lives of his loved ones.

Rasen Kairou is a brutal and depressing psychological horror visual novel depicting the dark sides of the human soul. It was one of the first horror games (along with Serial Experiments Lain) to address the impact of the Internet on individuals and society. In addition, Rasen Kairo accurately predicted the imageboard subculture and the internet trends for "ultra-cynicism”.

Constant references to Christmas themes make the game even more sinister. Even the title screen plays a cheerful holiday tune. And the shocking scene with the "Christmas present” caused a real sensation among Japanese gamers in 2000.

rasen kairo kairou pc visual novel game screenshot christmas present garbage bin

Want to know what "present" is inside that trash can?
Better not.

Linda Cube

linda3 linda cube ps1 saturn pc engine horror game

Release date: 1995
Platform: PC-Engine CD, Sega Saturn, PlayStation 1

>> Linda Cube Review <<

The Japanese horror RPG "Linda Cube" rightfully ranks high on our list of the weirdest horror games.

This game not only has a unique concept, but also uses the Christmas theme in an absolutely monstrous way.

During the game, the main character Ken meets a group of psychopathic killers dressed as Santa. Moreover, one of these psychopaths is called Nek, and he is a complete double of Ken!

After that, a series of crazy and bloody scenes unfold. And the degree of madness in this game is truly impressive.

linda3 linda cube horror new year christmas хоррор ужасы новый год

HaPpY NeW YeaR!

AnD MeRrY ChRistMaS!

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