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Главная »» 25.02.2023 »» Как родилась Песнь Сайи? Прародители Saya no Uta.
Как родилась Песнь Сайи? Прародители Saya no Uta.

Новая статья посвящена "источникам вдохновения" культовой визуальной новеллы Saya no Uta.

Как появилась на свет "Песнь Сайи"? Какие более ранние игры и книги оказали на неё влияние? Давайте узнаем ответы на эти вопросы.

saya no uta песнь сайи саи song of saya

В статье мы разберём параллели между "Песней Сайи" и:

1) Книгой Parasite Eve
2) Мангой Hi no Tori
3) Игрой Kusarihime: Euthanasia
4) Творчеством Лавкрафта
5) Книгой\фильмом "Звонок"
6) А также серией Silent Hill

Просмотров: 747 | Добавил: SilentPyramid | Дата: 25.02.2023 | Рейтинг: 5.0/2 |

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Всего комментариев: 10
9.       J.K.           [Материал]
I don't think such theories were a direct source of inspiration either, I
was talking more about the themes in general. The paragraph on the
thematic differences between Parasite Eve/SnU got me thinking a bit. As
you say, the topic of social alienation could be influenced by a variety
of sources, novels like No Longer Human and similar works. Still, the
emphasis on sex and violence and the breaking of social taboos reminds
me of Freudian themes a lot even without being directly
influenced by them.

10.       SilentPyramid           [Материал]
Sex, Violence and Taboo-Breaking are usual aspects of eroge horror visual novels.

So such games usually turn out to be quite Freudian even when developers aren't really familiar with Freud.

7.       J.K.           [Материал]
There are some interesting parallels between a few of the game's themes and
Freudianism. The opposing points of view of Saya/Fuminori and Koji/Ryoko
are the points of view of being engaged in society and being alienated
from it.
On Freud's theory, of course, the mind is not a harmonious whole, as conflict breaks out between humans as social animals following
the norms of their community, and their various individual tendencies
that don't perfectly match with said norms. And a similar conflict takes
place in the narrative, where one side feels an imperative to terminate
a threat to society, while the other feels necessary to do things their
own way.
And I think this creates a sense of ambivalence in the story, both sides are easy to identify with as both points of view are
experienced by everyone to some degree.

8.       SilentPyramid           [Материал]
Yes, we can see in the story some antagonism between people who want to be a part of human society, and those who don't want that.

Though i'm not sure that this was inspired by Freud's theories. Such idea could have come from anywhere.

5.       Rawshocker           [Материал]
Отличная статья, спасибо, очень понравилось.

6.       SilentPyramid           [Материал]

3.       бледная тень из погреба Алессы           [Материал]
Познавательно и вкусно!

4.       SilentPyramid           [Материал]

1.       LArmaLinda           [Материал]
Большое спасибо за такую интересную статью! smile

2.       SilentPyramid           [Материал]

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