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Xenophobia (Demonophobia 2) - English Translation of Horror Game + Story Info from Game's Manual

xenophobia demonophobia 2 horror game pc english version translation

On this page you can find english translation of "Xenophobia" horror game, and translations of various materials about Xenophobia:

1) Translation of Info about Story and Characters

Early version of the game (Ver 0.101) included the japanese txt-manual with interesting information about story and characters of "Xenophobia". This information was not included with later version of the game (Ver 0.22). Now this rare story info is translated into english.

2) Translation of the Game (Ver 0.101)

Version 0.101 was the early prototype version of the game. It included the Hatsuka's first monologue with some new details about story (this monologue was deleted in Version 0.22). The bloody writings on the wall (near the corpse) were also different in this version.

3) Translation of the Game (Ver 0.22)

In this section you can find translations of all scenes and messages from latest verion of the game (Ver 0.22).

4) Translation of Info about Monsters

Also, japanese txt-manual for Versions 0.101 and 0.22 included the informantion about monsters called "Xeno". Now this information is translated into english. It's interesting that monsters in Xenophobia were named after Tarot cards and were meant to symbolyze different cards.

1) Story and Characters Info
from Version 0.101 Manual

Hatsuka Towada

xenophobia demonophobia 2 main character hatsuka towada horror game

Main character.

Genius girl with intelligence far beyond the standard of her age.

She has an IQ of 190. Her personality is also a bit strange.

Even in harsh situations, she stays strong and has the ability to take action.

She's so smart and does everything flawlessly, that she was never scolded by anyone for mistakes. Because of this, she is a little arrogant, and sometimes doesn't reflect much about her actions.

One day, she was suddenly kidnapped by someone. And when she woke up, she was in a small, dark, strange room.


A group of cultists responsible for kidnapping Hatsuka.

A radical religious group whose ideal is "a world ruled by a true master".

They should have many followers, but when Hatsuka woke up, everyone had already "disappeared".

Setsuna Kannagi

A girl who belongs to "Mother" sect. But she doesn't really like the cult.

She is timid and pessimistic, but she knows something about the "monsters".

Seiichiro Towada

Hatsuka's father.

A biologist who was once the general manager of "Project Xeno" under the control of a certain country.

However, he committed suicide three years ago. With his death, "Project Xeno" was supposed to be completely suspended, but...

Game Objective

Uncover the truth and escape from this facility.

2) Game Translation (Version 0.101)

xenophobia pc horror game version 0.101 demonophobia

Hatsuka's First Monologue:


Dark and Cold.

I think I know why this has happened to me.

This is what I always wanted…

It was  necessary to uncover the "TRUTH"

I created the chance for "THEM”. It was easier to do it on empty street.

Everything should have gone the way "I" wanted.

But something is strange…

Intuition tells me, that something… It’s insane.

I can't just sit here forever.

Luckily my hands and legs are okay. I have to act now…

Even so, it's cold. For some reason I'm naked.

I have to do something about it…

Finding clothes and lighter:

There is a clothes like a one-piece dress.

There’s no underwear, but it’s better than nothing.

Next, I need light…
Is there a light somewhere..?

Picked up a Lighter.

Writings near the Boss Door:

It’s written in blood:

Someone stole my precious painting.

In the sky is the sun. In the west is a lake. In the east is a small forest.

It was very dear to me, but someone stole it. It was my favorite painting.

If you don’t give it back – there will be a Death Punishment!

Death Punishment! Death Punishment! Death Punishment! Death Punishment! Death Punishment!

Death Punishment by Hanging!

Writing near the headless corpse:

It’s written in blood:

Mother I’m scared I’m scared They are coming they are coming it’s cold it’s cold Mother.

They myheadheadhead mybrain likeachestnuttttttttt

I can't decipher the rest of these writings.

3) Game Translation (Version 0.22)

xenophobia pc horror game version 0.22 demonophobia 2

First Level. Finding the Pistol and Lighter:

There's something... here...

If I grab it and pick it up, it's really cold and heavy.

I know... I know what this... thing... is...

It's something really scary... but something that also feels really dependable...

It would be bad if I didn't pick this up and take it...

I don't know why, but that's the feeling I have...

There's no light of any kind...

If it stays like this I can't see anything...

Picked up a Lighter.

First Level. Writings near the Boss Door:

I wonder who it was that stole my precious picture.

In the sky is the sun. In the west is a lake. In the east is a small forest.

It was very dear to me, but someone stole it. It was my favorite painting.

If you don’t’ give it back – there will be a Death Punishment!

Death Punishment! Death Punishment! Death Punishment! Death Punishment! Death Punishment!

Death Punishment by Hanging!

First Level. Bloody writings near corpse:


Hatsuka's comment about the corpse:

A horrible smell is being emitted.
I don't want to think about what this could be.

Second Level. Hatsuka's comment about digested corpse:

It seems like he is still breathing...
But there's nothing I can do...

Second Level. Bloody writings near Meat Processing Plant:

Words are written on the wall.

Beyond this point is the meat processing plant.

Flowing water contains elements, which decompose meat into small pieces.

A dog, a cat, a pig, a human, a small girl... anything would quickly get sloppy and rotten...

On a higher floor, there's a room to make the water eventually stop flowing.

To stop the water, let's try rotating the correct levers.

Let's count the number of stars.

Let's count it with the birds' heads.

Second Level. Bloody writings about stars.

Words are written on the wall.
"The guiding mark is hanging in mid-air.
Close your eyes and count the stars."

4) Monsters Information


Grotesque monsters.
Did the followers of the cult disappeared because of them?

Here i introduce Xeno-monsters, which appear in the early stages.


It grows like a plant from the ground.
They do not move on their own, nor do they attack.
They often live in groups.


It crawls on the ground making an unpleasant noise.
When approached, it attacks by shooting out sharp spines from it's body.


A terrifyingly powerful Xeno. It's wise to remain undetected by him.


A being that looks like a shadow.
Some of them do nothing. But there are also agressive monsters that attack from the darkness.
There is a way to distinguishing them - agressive ones emit strange sounds.


It suddenly descends from the ceiling to catch prey.
If you pay close attention, you can notice where it is hiding.
You can't get caught if you're crouching.


When you get close to it, it will protrude from the ground.
There are individuals of various shapes.

xenophobia demonophobia 2 boss emperor pc horror game


Xeno that appears at the end of the prison area.
It has a variety of attacks.
It also has a huge shield that protects against bullets.

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