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Shiro Miyata - Forbidden Siren Character Information from Siren Maniacs

Shiro Miyata
Doctor / male / 27

A young man, only son of the Miyata family, who has been encharged with becoming director of the Miyata Clinic since birth. Shiro, born as the younger of the Yoshimura twins, lost both parents in the 1976 disappearances incident, and was taken in by the clinic, at which point he became saddled with the destiny of continuing the Miyata family. On that day 27 years ago Ryoko, who was Reiji Makino's little sister before she married into the Miyata family, lost her son Shiro due to the god's curse when the secret ritual failed, and was driven half-mad with shock.

The baby Shiro, sucked into the Other World for a time along with the Yoshimuras, was taken to the Miyata house, as they were looking for a successor, returned to the real world due to the laws of cause and effect. Along with his big brother, Takaaki...

The two twins were led along drastically different paths, due to Shiro's duty to perform his role at the clinic. To the village, the clinic performs the will of the Kajiros behind the scenes. If the Kajiros wanted it done, the Miyatas would have to calmly dirty their hands, performing illegal actions. The "clinic" had been used as a front for this all along. Shiro was raised in this environment for the sole purpose of continuing the Miyata family, mixed with the strange love from his mother - was madness inevitable? Many times he wondered why his mother would not love him normally, but each time he would bottle up his feelings and shut himself away. The boy, without knowing a father's love and continuing to receive a twisted affection from his mother, later became the director of Miyata Clinic at a young age.

Shiro has also had a recurring dream since before he was even self-aware. In it, he hears what sounds like a girl's voice calling out to him, desperately trying to tell him something. Having a lonely soul himself, Shiro understands the deep despair in the person's voice. However, having been born as a Miyata, there is nothing he can do... Does his twin brother, the Guiding Priest who saves people, hear this voice too?

Mercilesslly drives back Mina with a bottle of sulphuric acid

Mina, who should be dead, is walking around - it is an unthinkable situation. An emotion like fear, but more than that hatred, wells up inside Miyata. Mina recoils.

Miyata commits more sins

Seeing Risa chasing after him "as Mina", as well as her sister, has such an impact on Miyata that he strangles Risa, too. Take note of how unstable his emotions are.

What he always wanted

Suffering due to the fact that the voice of salvation reaches him too, Miyata finally resolves to take his own life. This is the scene in which the way he aspires to be his older brother reaches its peak.

The birth of a true Guiding Monk

Seeing the suffering of the people at the bottom of the reservoir, Miyata gives his life in exchange for the villagers' salvation, becoming a true Guiding Priest at last...

The Day Before

Visits church on behalf of the Kajiros
After an argument, strangles his lover Mina to death spontaneously

Day 1

0:00 - Puts the newly-dead Mina in the boot of his car and heads to the forest. Hears siren midway through burying her. Passes out
3:00 - Regains consciousness in the middle of the forest. Is left in shock at the sight of the grave having been dug up
7:00 - Meets Mina's younger twin sister, Risa. Search for Mina together
10:00 - Discover the abandoned hospital
19:00 - Stays at old Miyata Clinic. Makino visits Miyata and Risa
22:00 - Conversation with Makino. Hearing Risa's warning bell, drives Mina back. Chases her

Day 2

0:00 - Seeing Risa resemble Mina, strangles her again
Called to the basement by Previous Miyako. According to her guidance, obtains Uryen
4:00 - Dissects the shibito-fied Onda sisters due to doctor's curiosity. Shocked upon learning of the shibito's immortality
11:00 - Obeying directions, aids Kyoya and Yoriko. Afterwards, hears the guiding voice and acts

Day 3

7:00 - Confrontation with Miyata inside Shibito Nest. Confesses own feelings
8:00 - Turns the gun that had been aimed at him on Makino and fires. Makino collapses. However, the eyes as he lowers the gun and stands there are Makino's also. Shiro Miyata the murderer is gone
12:00 - After passing the Uryen to Kyoya, led by a strong desire to obtain the hidden explosives and heads for abandoned village
16:00 - Makes way to Gojaku Peak to destroy the floodgates and Shibito Nest
18:00 - Blows up floodgates. Feeling sympathy for the half-shibito suffering at the bottom of the reservoir, uses his own lifeforce to call down the Uryen's flames and guide them

Shiro Miyata in Each Level

Day 1 / 3:31:17 (Janokubi Valley - Orifushi Forest)

Compared to the other characters, Miyata is probably the calmest about the situation. Even when he encounters a shibito he takes a weapon out of his car, which he used to transport Mina after killing her, and beats down the shibito in a composed manner, which makes him seem in a way reliable. It is because Miyata wants to learn what kind of beings the shibito are that he remains this calm in the face of such a strange situation.

Day 2 / 0:49:33 (Miyata Clinic - Ward 1 Examination Room)

Since becoming trapped in the Other World Miyata, without even clearly knowing why himself, has been acting "as though guided by someone else's will". As you can see by looking at Another Story, this is the will of Previous Miyako. Since her body was shut up in the basement laboratory 27 years ago, she has been gradually rotting, but the cries of her soul even now reach the real world.

Day 2 / 4:44:39 (Miyata Clinic - Basement Laboratory)

The charm of Miyata's character likes in the "danger" that can't be conveyed by someone who is simply on the side of good. He was also raised around the Miyata clinic, operating behind the scenes of the village, but killed Mina due to warped trauma, kills Risa, and dissects the now-shibito sisters - a real Doctor Frankenstein. However, it is apprently the very fact that this shadow hangs over him that girls find him so charming.

Miyata Q&A

Q: Miyata receives the Uryen in the hospital basement, but did he know what the Uryen meant, or who the mummy that gave it to him was?
A: Miyata didn't completely understand the relationship between the mysterious voice that had been calling out to him since childhood and the mummy in front of him. However, he is conscious of the baffling way he acts at the peak of this scene, while being directed by the unknown force.

Q: Why did Miyata think that the Uryen was "something meant for Kyoya"?
A: He was acting along with the direction of a mysterious will (Previous Miyako) that seemed to be able to see the future. Miyata didn't clearly understand the particulars himself.

Q: Did Miyata know about the explosives hidden at the bottom of the well?
A: He didn't know that something was hidden there for sure; it is more like he made a guess based on various things he had experienced in the village in the past.

Q: Why did Miyata use the Uryen?
A: The Uryen exchanges life-force for destructive power, so using it means death, and Miyata realises this. He sympathises with the suffering of the villagers of the past who appear at the bottom of the dam, and decideds to use the Uryen to save both them and himself, when he had no intention of using it at all.

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