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Risa Onda - Forbidden Siren Character Information from Siren Maniacs

Risa Onda
Home helper / female / 21

Risa becomes trapped in the oddities on her way to the hospital, worried about the safety of her elder twin sister Mina. As one of the main characters she is "cute, but a bit out of it, so ends up being suspenseful", an unlucky heroine type (a horror movie standard).

Her background is apparently "after graduating from middle school she moved to Tokyo to get a job with a large employer, but couldn't make friends and ends up returning home to help around the house", and after the first person she meets in the incident being Dr. Miyata she stands out as even unluckier than the other characters.
The conversation scene in which the first person she meets, the very man who killed her sister just hours before, is the one desperately enquiring as to her whereabouts, with a blank expression (trying to hide his shock), has a creepiness full of Japanese sentiment and is quite surreal. Of course, she fails to notice the suspiciousness of Miyata's words and demeanour, and that dim part of her ends up bringing about misfortune.

Risa is also unable to save her sister, Mina. Due to the deep trauma (his twisted parental relationship and complex towards the Guiding Priest) and wounds Miyata holds, in a sudden fit of rage he kills her, but as red water enters her body as she is on the verge of death she returns with quite different qualities to other shibito and moves strangely (not being noticed by the collapsed Miyata, etc.). Even after eventually performing umi-okuri and turning into a shibito brain, Mina (and Risa) spend the three days stalking the doctor around.

Risa herself is taken over by her sister's thoughts and desire to make her other half - Risa - the same as she is, and becomes "Mina #2". Due to the pure sisterly love Mina feels for her little sister (shibito's actions come from the emotions and personalities they had during their human lifetimes) she simply wishes to become "one" with her, and as twins (or perhaps due to the power of a half-broken shibito brain) the two sisters' minds sync up. The sadistic Miyata, due to impact, again strangles her and turns her into "the second Mina", but after this due to the siren's power Risa too returns, turning into a shibito brain and chasing after Miyata with Mina.

Huge panic in an unfamiliar place

Risa, who loses consciousness after hearing the siren, is filled with apprehension upon realising she is in an unfamiliar place. She desperately tries to stay hidden from the shibito.

Can even get into tight spots

With Risa's body, she can even get through broken doors that will only open partway (though after becoming a half-shibito she can ram them open).

Despair-filled reunion with sister

Called by her sister's voice, Risa wanders around inside the hospital. However, what appears before Risa is the shibito brain version of her sister! A fairly scary scene.

Which man to rely on!?

Makino, who freezes in front of Mina, and Miyata, who calmly drives her away. Perhaps it is female intuition, but even after the danger has passed Risa leans on the reliable man, Miyata.

The Day Before

Goes to hospital when sister is late back

Day 1

0:00 - Siren. Loses consciousness
4:00 - Risa regains consciousness. Attacked by shibito, she flees in confusion
7:00 - Meets Miyata and calms down a little. Search for Mina together
10:00 - Enters the abandoned hospital with Miyata. Sees Mina outside...
19:00 - Makino visits Miyata and Risa at the old Miyata Clinic. Learns that Miyata and Makino are twins
22:00 - Called to, explores the clinic. Attacked by Mina
23:00 - Saved by Miyata

Day 2

0:00 - Consciousness fuses with Mina's. Changes into old nurse clothing and returns to Miyata, but is strangled to death. Turned half-shibito by the siren
4:00 - Both sisters are torn apart in the basement by Miyata
Set free by other shibito who respond to their screams, regenerates
12:00 - Umi-okuri
18:00 - Umi-gaeri. Turns into shibito brain
Chases after Miyata due to Mina's influence

Day 3

16:00 - Staked down in tunnel by Makino (Miyata)

Risa Onda in Each Level

Day 1 / 7:22:49 (Upper Arato - Near Bus Stop)

Although this is the first time they have met, Miyata says, "Mina!?" and in response Risa immediately replies, "Are you by any chance Dr. Miyata?" From this it appears as though Risa has already heard from her sister that "the person I want you to meet (the one I am dating) is Dr. Miyata", and love stories about him. Because Miyata is startled that Mina has let so much slip, his demeanour is rather suspicious.

Day 2 / 0:17:28 (Miyata Clinic - Ward 1 Examination Room)

Having become a shibito brain, Mina's goal is not to "gain more company" like the other shibito, but rather to put Risa in the same situation she is in, wanting to become one with her other half out of pure, sisterly love, and so chases after Risa. The tears Risa cries when the two link up is not the human desire for revenge on Miyata, but because she has felt her sister's pure love.

Day 3 / 16:00:58 (Gojaku Peak - Hanuda Mine)

Due to her immortality her body regenerates, and like Mina she performs umi-okuri and turns into a shibito brain. However, in Risa's case, because she is synchronised with Mina the two continue afterwards to move as a pair. They act out affection, their goal being to show Miyata the wonderful world they see.

Risa Q&A

Q: Disillusioned, Risa returns to her hometown. What happened in Tokyo?
A: After graduating from middle school she moved to Tokyo to get a job, working as a supermarket cashier. Stuck in the same dead-end job for years, and isolation from being unable to make any friends, made Risa feel more and more lonely. She by chance becomes involved with someone from the entertainment industry and, after almost getting herself into trouble, flees home, still broken-hearted. "This background was based on an AV actress Mr. Toyama likes, called Kurumi Morishita. It was quite a shock when the "really good documentary about someone from Tohoku like you" he recommended to me turned out to be an AV. When Risa tags along with Miyata, without a single doubt about the suspicious way he speaks, she seems like a girl who would be fooled by bad people... which came naturally from her background. With regards to the twins' personalities, as the younger sister Risa is the reliant type who likes to be babied. She's cute but cheeky, the kind of person who often gets caught up in things. Mina, like a typical big sister, is always thinking of her sister and is the type who devotes herself to a man, but when she broods on things she ends up becoming depressed." (Sato)

Q: What does Mina feel as a shibito towards Risa and Miyata?
A: Mina feels the same affection toward both Risa and Miyata. She chases after Risa out of sisterly love, in order to show her other half what she sees.

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